Sunday, January 9, 2022

Just A Quick Thought About Growing Our Hobby

Just A Quick Thought About Growing Our Hobby
I'm so excited that we're finally into 2022, mostly 'cause I'm expecting it to totally be my year, but why TF would anyone at the Tavern except me care about that?

The cool thing, of course as I see it, is that we've finally put the holidays behind us and now we're able to get to the important thing: weekend gaming!  (well assuming that's when you sling dice.....)

My group started back up after the holidays, but since we're an online group we weren't meeting face-to-face and really we needed the first time after the holidays to sit around and catch up with each other since it's been a while.

This kind of thing doesn't happen often, but when it does it really reminds me that gaming is so much more than a hobby. Most of the gaming groups I've been in were kind of a second family of sorts and sitting around the table slinging dice is just as much about hearing about your friends' kids as they are about slaughtering orcs and collecting loot.

For my non-gamer friends and family, they see me as a big dork (they aren't wrong there) playing pretend fantasy.....I'm certain most think I dress up and LARP even though they don't know what a LARP is.

I've always wished that I could convey the friendships and comraderies I've experienced from this particular hobby, better yet if I could compare & contrast with other hobbies and even factor in the price! Sure I have spent a metric buttload of cash on RPGs, but most of that is just me being...well, me. As far as what's needed for my weekly game, that's pretty cheap/frugal.

Seriously though if you priced out a couple of game books, buying an adventure, getting everyone dice....divide by the number of players and game hours taken up by a campaign......downright cheap entertainment.

I'm reasonably certain that anyone reading the Tavern regularly already has a good opinion of RPGs and I'm not going to sell anyone here on the subject......BUT the frugality, ok potential frugality, of the hobby might be a good appeal to some for picking up the hobby.

As we all go into 2022 I'm suggesting that we all take the opportunity to strengthen out bonds within our community and reach out to non-gamers and see if we can wrap a few into the fold.   


  1. The entertainment per cent is pretty great!

  2. Definitely. Especially if you compare gaming to skiing or boating or golf or going to Hawaii for a week, gaming is a downright steal.

  3. On a related note, I just finished a game night with my 12 year old son and my niece. Niece has 5e experience, so it's really different for her to play an old-school game. Trying to get one of niece's friends to play, but she's cancelled twice now. No worries though. They just cleared the top level of the Moathouse, and are getting ready to go into the dungeon beneath . . . .

  4. That's part of what I loved as a broke kid (and appreciate as adult) it cost nothing as a player. There were always dice on the table for those that didn't have any. Guys were patient as you learned the system through playing.

    God willing when our library starts having in person programs again I will start a BECMI game for kids.


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