Friday, January 14, 2022

Humble Bundle - Dragonlock and Ravenfell (2d & 3d printables from Fat Dragon Games)

Let me start this with some background. I've known Tom Tullis for years, and consider Tom a friend. For a number of years, I ran the 3d dungeon terrain for Frog God Games known as The Mouth of Doom at various conventions (a section of the mega-dungeon Rappan Athuk) and had a blast doing so. The terrain was 3d printed from Fat Dragon Games Dragonlock models. I do not own a 3d printer although I have backed Kickstarters that offer such as well as have purchased Humble Bundles for such in the past. Planning for the future I guess ;)

Earlier today, Tom, via his Fat Dragon Games company, launched a Humble Bundle for 2d and 3d printables for his Dragonlock and Ravenfell lines of terrain. Note, the 2d terrain is paper terrain, and printable on the typical home printer.

You can snag the Dragonlock and Ravenfell Humble Bundle for as little as a buck (miniature figures), or snag it all for $18.

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