Thursday, June 24, 2021

Kickstarter - A Discordance with Dzyvatz (DCC RPG)

I love it when I have the PDF in hand when I post about a current Kickstarter. I'll give A Discordance with Dzyvatz a proper review this weekend. I've given it a quick perusal and it looks fun as hell.

Obviously, it's already written and laid out, so there should be little if delay in delivery.

A Discordance with Dzyvatz is 8 bucks in PDF, 20 for print plus PDF.

The Black Root of Abysmal Domination, sent to the material plane to beguile all humankind by Dzyvatz, a demon with a thirst for power and followers. His initial attempt was foiled, but the power of the root perseveres. Now a band of adventurers must destroy the root before it sews chaos across the land. This will be no easy task—the root must be returned to the domain of Dzyvatz, the depths of the Abyss!

A Discordance with Dzyvatz can be run as a standalone, level 5 DCC-compatible adventure or as a follow-up to The Tainted Forest Near Thorum in Crawl Fanzine #4.

The adventure is written by Yves LaRochelle, the author of The Tainted Forest Near Thorum and creator of the Gnome class from Crawl! Fanzine #6. This 40-page adventure has been given the Purple Pirate Games treatment and is packed full of original art on every page. It's simply beautiful. It features 6 hand-drawn maps, new monsters, new magic items, a new DCC character sheet, and printable status tokens for Abysmal Evolutions (found in the adventure).

The book will be of the same quality as our previous offering, Secrets of the World Harvesters, saddle-stitched and printed locally on 8 1/2 x 11 premium silk paper. I'll personally pick up the books, so there's no wait.


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1 comment:

  1. "...destroy the root before it sews chaos across the land."

    Sews, really? With that kind of proofreading in the pitch this is a hard pass.


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