Saturday, June 26, 2021

If I Had to Choose Between Luke Gygax and the Latest TSR...



I'd choose Luke. No hesitation. No question.

I'd say I'm sad to see TSR go down in flames, but this isn't the TSR of old risen from the grave. It's a carpetbagger tugging on the heartstrings of nostalgic gamers, seeking to pick their pockets - or worse - roll them in a dark alley and leave them naked, bereft of all valuables.

This TSR is built off of deceit. Not just from how they jacked the TSR logo, but their use of imagery copyrighted by WotC to advertise their unwritten projects and their undated convention.

I stand with Luke.

I'll get that document and screenshot dump out later today, so others can do their own due diligence of this TSR.



  1. I stand with Luke. That’s some bullshit there from “TSR”.

  2. Not that I care much one way or the other, but isn't Ernie a part of this TSR? Luke is just another brother. And isn't Luke the guy who banned his father's good friend and co-worker, Frank Mentzer? I'm not really following any of this, but when something looks wrong I'm inclined to point it out.

  3. At the rate things are going, each member of the Gygax Family if going to end up with their own version of the TSR trademark and their own company. I don't understand how so many different entities can each have the TSR logo as their official trademark. The whole point of granting official trademarks is to "avoid confusion in the marketplace." It can't get much more confusing than it is now... Which TSR and I supposed to like? I'm having trouble keeping track!

  4. So the while business plan from all these guys is "let's try to make people think we have something to do with the real TSR"?


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