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Latest TSR / Justin LaNasa Screenshot Dump Post & More

Ah, you just gotta love Justin LaNasa. When he isn't encouraging female employees to wrestle in grits, he's mocking gamers - the very community he wants to fleece. Justin has decided it's best to antagonize. Similar to Ken "Whit" Whitman, he thinks he's smarter than everyone else. Like Ken, he thinks he can intimidate his way to success. But then he shows traits similar to Zak Smith and blocks anyone on social media that dares to question him. Hell, he even shows shades of Gareth Skarka, being addicted to Twitter. LaNasa has defined himself as the cartoon villain of the OSR, if not tabletop gaming in general. No easy feat, as we already have had our Bob Jr. incident. Oh wait, there's a bit of Bob Jr in LaNasa too because as I'll show below, Justin MIGHT be a bit racist. Maybe. Just don't hold it against him.

Below you will find screenshots that show Justin LaNasa, the newest version of TSR, as well as the Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum, in their own words. Initial screenshots will be on this page, later ones will be linked via DropBox (as this page will get slow to upload if I drop them all here). If I include private conversations, the parties other than the ones listed above have given me explicit permission to share. Additionally, there will be links to videos and articles on the above subjects from both sides of the argument as I come across them. I offer this to bloggers, podcasters, vid-casters, and news organizations to use as they see fit. A mention or link back is appreciated but not necessary.

This page is a living resource. When it initially goes live, it will be, by necessity, incomplete. Screenshots and links will be added as found. Screenshots and links can be sent to tenkarstavernAT that gmail thing.

Note: This is literally being updated right now. Links and Videos are still being added, and likely will be completed within the next few hours - until there are more - Tenkar 6/26/21 2232 EDT

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Tenkar's Tavern: If I Had to Choose Between Luke Gygax and the Latest TSR..., Erik is Prophetic with Regards to Folks not Getting Trademarks, TSR Trademark Assigned June 16th - Let the Flurry of Pointless Announcements Begin!

The Other Side: TSR's Not So Great Start

Start at 44:10


  1. You might want to take a look at the Gary Gygax wikipedia page. I was looking up something after the last update, and the page came up. As what I was looking for pertained to his kids, I checked there. It looks like a whole lot of stuff was stripped from it. The only part of the "personal life" section was a short paragraph about him owning guns. None of his children are listed. Seems odd to me.

  2. Jeff Dee actually returned all monies for a future commission and said he would not work with them.

  3. Replies
    1. I've never watched a video where I was certain of its absolute lack of quality or attachment to the real world quite this fast... I don't think I made it to a minute before I realized that this guy's been drinking some SERIOUS koolaid.

      I'm pretty moderate in my views, but I have had some friends who are pretty seriously left-skewed. They'd have been easy targets to have a rational discussion about this kind of issue. Instead, he went ten times that and started shooting flaming arrows of nonsense at strawmen before he even got to his point.

  4. 1. I have never seen a brand become radioactive poison so fast.
    2. If you visit the FB page of any TSR defenders, there's no question as to who they think won the 2020 election IYKWIMAITYD.

  5. I got comment-banned from commenting on their posts in the "1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons" group where Dungeon Hobby Shop was one of the moderators. Since then they've posted a half dozen more posts about Giantlands, how awesome nuTSR is for standing up against the woke mob, and how their company that doesn't make any fantasy games is leading the charge to Keep Gaming Fantasy. However, they've failed to post a single thing about AD&D, so if that's the kind of management that group is under, I'm unsubbed.

  6. Tenkar, please don't lie on your blog. I don't "bloakc anyone who questions me" . I block people who make false statements. There's a world of difference.

    1. Really? So, your blocking of me on Google+ was for making a false statement? I'd love to know which statement that was. I've shared your comments on the blog even when I've disagreed with them AND you.

  7. Justin LaNasa has done in a few weeks what took Ken Whitman decades to pull off. Congratulations? Although "It's not our fault" and blaming another company is certainly a page out of Ken's playbook.

  8. Its says a lot about a company when all it has going for it is trying to fool you into thinking they're another company you used to like. TSR.

  9. I just had a brief "run in" w/ LaNasa in a D&D-related FB group I run. Unfortunately, it stemmed from a dispute I had with Dungeon Hobby Shop & I ended up blocking both. I *knew* I recognized LaNasa's name so I Googled & found this site. No surprise.


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