Friday, June 25, 2021

Deal of the Day - Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting

Sometimes all you want out of a setting is useability. Midlands is that and more. Normally 10 bucks in PDF, until tomorrow morning, Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting is a mere 5 bucks. (a huge thanks to a Tavern Regular for the heads up)

But what do you get? A setting, tools, and more!

The Midlands PDF (original version softcover/hardcover available via Lulu) is 365 pages of low magic, low prep, customisable sandbox, in a “points of light” medieval fantasy realm. The setting is written for the Low Fantasy Gaming RPG system, a d20 variant under the OGL, but is easily adapted to any fantasy RPG.

The Midlands is half setting, half DIY toolkit (per the Contents in the preview); filled with tables and tools to assist the GM to run an improvised sandbox, including fifty Adventure Frameworks to sprinkle around the region (mini adventures with enough meat to kickstart an adventure, but enough flexibility to expand/adapt to player choices).

The Midlands' main themes include:

Grim Cities - Humanity shelters behind six isolated, walled cities, struggling for opportunity.

Deadly Outlands - One hundred leagues of trackless wilderness, plagued by skorn, thuels, & monstrous beasts.

Dangerous Magic - Sorcery was not meant for mortals; magic is rare, dark, & inherently dangerous.

Silent Gods - Deities are ineffably distant; offering no miracles, nor intervening in the world in any obvious way.

Ancient Mysteries - Despite the dangers, the wilds beckon with crumbling ruins, lost treasures, & forgotten secrets.

Free Downloads - High resolution images of the isometric Region Map, Six City Maps, 1st level Pregens, Illustrated Character Sheets & GM Screen Inserts are available for free download via the Low Fantasy Gaming RPG site.

Hex Map - As of Feb 2019, a top down colour Midlands Hex Map (with and without labels) is separately available for $5 via DTRPG.

Open Game Content - For those interested in publishing related materials, the vast majority of the Midlands is designated Open Game Content under the OGL.


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