Saturday, April 24, 2021

Indiegogo -The Folio: Black Label #5 (1E & 5E)

I'm a fan of R Scott Taylor's The Folio series of adventures. Written for AD&D 1e and D&D 5e, you can see Scott's Old School Gaming roots in the writing and the presentation. I'm a huge fan of detachable covers in my gaming books, and The Folio does not disappoint. 

The Folio: Black Label is Scott's "adult line" of adventures, but I see them more are "R" rated. While you probably wouldn't want your pre-teen reading such, as an adult I appreciate the option to do so.

The Folio: Black Label #5 is the latest in the Black Label series of releases, and has just over 24 hours in its funding period as I write this.

The Folio: Black Label series are fantasy adventure modules that are compatible with BOTH classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and 5th Edition D&D formats.  Each adventure combines what I enjoyed most from the heady days of of the late 1970s and the 1980s swords & sorcery storytelling. 

The Folio: Black Label #5 continues an adventure path pitting the characters against a demonic slaving nation bound to a cursed ruin called The Burning City.  In this adventure the characters will continue to try to retrieve a stolen noble before she is taken too deep into the demon insect infested 'ash lands' that surround The Burning City for hundreds of miles.  They must brave a slaver camp and then enter the old Temple of the Moon, a long abandoned religious structure that now houses demon insects, fell shaman, and wasteland raiders.

Taking a page from the previous Black Label Trilogy, this one is going to have an even more adult edge than can found in the standard Folio, and yes, there might be some nudity, and maybe some horror, and maybe a twisted quality here or there, but at the base its really just about the unfettered fun of hacking and slashing your way through a pulp style adventure with blatant evil doers, magical treasures, and exposed flesh.  

So, I'm throwing out the standard politically correct playbook, and turning the flux capacitor back to the early days of gaming.  I hope some of you will join me. 

Yep, we use "adult language" on The Tavern's Youtube Channel. Go figure ;)

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