Saturday, August 15, 2020

New OSR Release - Dan Dies in the End no.1 (DCC RPG Zine)


A DCC RPG Zine for 50 cents? I almost didn't believe it :)

Dan Dies in the End no.1 is a new zine and it's on sale for a mere 50 cents.

Oh snap! Look at you, perusing a description for the most gloriously gonzo zine you'll read in Dan’s short, inconsequential life. Dan Dies in the End is a labor of love, created by and for folks who love playing tabletop rpgs. 

Need useless magical items? We got ‘em. Is an enormous, rat-like pangolin attacking your village? We got the stats. Craving a low-prep, zany dungeon to throw at your players? That’s on page nineteen. 

Baba Yaga (enemy)

The Undertrench (Heart landmark)

Goblin Super Powers (Goblin Quest rules addition)

Terrible Hirelings

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (dungeon)

T'Ratsk (enemy)

Xurl the Face Fister & the Dread Beast (short story)

Defenders of Kobold are not responsible for legal or funerary costs incurred as a result of consuming the content within this zine.

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