Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Kickstarter - The Majestic Fantasy RPG (Bat in the Attic Games)

 There are few Kickstarters I've had the pleasure to look forward to as much as Rob Conley's The Majestic Fantasy RPG. Not that I knew it was going to be a Kickstarter when Rob first teased it, but man, I'm so glad it's here. :)

I was supposed to have a Fireside Chat with Rob earlier tonight on the Tavern Chat Podcast, but my stomach isn't cooperating, so we've punted to the end of the week. 

Time for me to let Rob explain The Majestic Fantasy RPG:

In 2009, I released a platinum selling supplement (Blackmarsh is now PWYW) that explained the details of the setting I used for my fantasy campaign for nearly forty years. Along with providing details, the supplement contains rules for adapting the material to the Swords & Wizardry RPG and other classic editions of the original roleplaying game. 

Since then, I have continued to run campaigns and now have enough material and rules to release a new series of supplements. The supplements together will function as their own system, useful as a tool for running many different types of fantasy campaigns. They will also function as individual supplements to the Swords & Wizardry RPG and other RPGs based on the classic editions. 

This reflects the reality that most fantasy campaigns based on the classic editions are a kitbash of different elements that the referee finds useful. So rather than try to compete with the large number of excellent RPGs targeting the classic editions, I decided to format my take in a way that supports kitbashing. While I hope people will enjoy the system I created as a whole, I expect most will pick out just the parts they are interested in, whether it is classes, monsters, or magic items. 

However, there needs to be something that ties these different elements together. A supplement that explains and illustrates how these rules work together as a complete system. To this end, I wrote The Basic Rules For The Majestic Fantasy RPG. It covers the traditional four classes of burglar, cleric, fighter, and magic user from levels 1 to 5 along with details on spells, equipment, and combat rules. It also supports the referee by including a list of monsters, NPCs, and magic items for a fantasy campaign. It ends with two sections of referee advice on how I use the elements of the classic editions to construct the rules and to make new rulings to cover the fantastic and unexpected things that players will attempt as their characters. Then it explains how to use the included material to bring the world outside the dungeon to life. 

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