Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Humble RPG Book Bundle: 5th Edition Beast of a Bundle

Yep, Frog God and Friends are back with another Humble Bundle of Gaming Goodness. Actually, they are calling it the Humble RPG Book Bundle: 5th Edition Beast of a Bundle. Yes, it is mostly 5e in flavor, but you will also fund some system neutral and even a Castles & Crusades compatible PDF. Let's look, shall we?

At the One Dollar Tier (yep, just a buck)

Note that Hazardous Habitats is system neutral (and also has a free preview you can download)

Yes, a buck gets you a discount at Frog God, Kobold Press, Nerdarchy, Nord Games and Troll Lord
Next Tier is Eight Dollars, and it includes everything from the One Dollar Tier.

The Waypoint releases are new and not available elsewhere
Codex of Aihrde is compatible with Castles & Crusades
Now the Big Get. The Fifteen Dollar Tier. It includes everything you already saw in the One Dollar and Eight Dollar Tiers.

Hazardous Habitats are new. 275 VTT tokens from the Tome of Horrors
This is a HUGE amount of material not just for your 5e game, but even for your OSR game - as it is easy as pie to go from 5e to OSR (the other way around is the path to madness ;)

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  1. Ummm....All your links go to TavernChat instead of the Humble Bundle.

    1. crap! and fixed. thanks!

      also, here:


  2. Are the books worth it charity aside? Half of them look like ADnD material not 5E...

    1. Everything is for 5e except for what I detailed above. NOTHING is for AD&D. One is C&C, 4 are System Neutral.

    2. Ok so how is the material? Is it worth the $15.00 donation for the "value of 400+"? Are these books a few pages each in average or close to actual wizards publish quality etc...?

    3. The Tome of Horrors by itself is 300 pages and anything from Frog God is generally pretty close to Wizards quality imho. The original 3.x version was good enough that Wizard's pulled a creature into one of their monster manuals to show how the OGL worked iirr.

  3. It's worth it for the habitats books alone.


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