Thursday, June 27, 2019

New Release - Gunderholfen (OSR Megadungeon)

I've had a couple of Taverners point me at Gunderholfen over the last few days. This looks like a VERY interesting megadungeon. Maybe I can put this on my birthday list...
Gunderholfen… Ancient, abandoned dwarf hold, battleground of arch-liches, cultist base, wizards’ playground, heroes’ bane and treasure-seekers’ tomb. Gunderholfen is a classic, old school exploratory sandbox-style mega-dungeon consisting of ten levels, a mini-campaign setting and one demi-plane. 
This mega-dungeon and mini-campaign setting is designed for character levels 1-10+. It is compatible with any OSR system. Play it as an integrated, complete mega-dungeon campaign or just pick out individual levels to run as separate dungeons. Gunderholfen includes the following:
  • 10 main dungeon levels consisting of 22 sub-levels and numerous sub-areas, with approximately 930 keyed locations, all detailed in 40 maps.
  • 1 demi-plane level.
  • A mini-campaign setting insertable into any existing campaign that includes a detailed overview of Longfelt, a nearby city complete with NPCs, including possible patrons for PCs, places of interest, encounter tables and rival factions.
  • 32 encounter tables with full monster stats for each level of the dungeon and the surrounding lands.
  • Extensive ready to play lists of NPCs including 10 pre-generated NPC parties that can be used as foes or allies.
  • 1 fully detailed mini-side adventure.
  • A brief overview of the history and background to Gunderholfen.
  • Rules for a new class of priest including 18 new spells.
  • Many new monsters and magic items.
10 bucks in PDF. 47 in hardcover plus PDF.

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  1. Bought it with the Hardback because you can never have too many dwarven crawls.


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