Saturday, June 29, 2019

Wayward Kickstarter - Far West - Still MIA & Radio Silence

As I type this, Gareth has tweeted six times in the last 23 hours.

As I type this, Gareth has posted ZERO Kickstarter updates for Far West in the last SIX plus months.

Maybe he's been trying to track me down so he can punch me in the throat and hasn't had any free, non-tweetable time ;)

I'm so glad Gareth thinks "it's just a game!" and cares not about the nearly $50k he took from backers and is coming up on 7 1/2 years late. Damn, that's practically a record for incompetence.

Now, if you follow Gareth on Twitter, you'd see he is now promising a release "sometime this year".

Why not share that on the Kickstarter page itself? Kinda disrespectful of the backers if you ask me.


  1. Lol, why anyone even listens to this pathological lair is beyond me? I dunno which is worse, the fact that he keeps making promises he knows he won't keep or the people that give him the time of day. A monkey with a ink pen could have written half a dozen RPGs by now. Sadly, backers should just write off their money and move on. If that guy said the sun was gonna come up tomorrow I'd sell any stock I had in solar power.


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