Tuesday, June 25, 2019

I Guess I AM an "Influence" - Amazon has Given Me an "Influencer Page"

I've been using Amazon Affiliate Links to supplement The Tavern's modest income for a number of years. As such, Amazon recently invited me to apply for their "Influencer" Program. Although I have a decent Facebook following, it pales in comparison to the number of viewers the YouTubers and such bring in. Still. the promised a "manual review" and it appears that' what I got. And then I got approved.

Yep. I guess I have "influence." ;)

In any case, the official Amazon storefront to support all of the things the Tavern does - as well as wants to do in the future - can be found here:


Use it like you would your regular Amazon link, but this way a portion of the monies you spend will go to support The Tavern. It costs you nothing. It is literally the easiest way to show your support.

I thank everyone in advance.

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