Monday, March 4, 2019

Kickstarter - Hex Tile content Add-Ons for MapForge map-making software

I'm in a bit of a Kickstarter coverage backlog due to last week's TotalCon and this week's upcoming Gary Con. I'm trying to get in what I can before I fall into "Con Posting Limitations." I'm happy to get a post a day in while at a convention.

Battlegrounds RPG / Heruca has been publishing RPG VTT software for years. One of the most amazing things about the Battlegrounds RPG site is the extensive amount of links to RPG resources, including competition for their own software products. Who the hell does that?

Mapforge is one of the stronger options for creating one's own map tiles for use at the gaming table - virtual or otherwise.

Hex Tile content Add-Ons for MapForge map-making software Kickstarter is exactly what it says on the tin:
This campaign seeks to broaden MapForge's current offerings by producing several more fantasy-themed mapping content Add-Ons (equivalent to 8 products' worth of content) which will, for the first time, support the creation of area/regional scale maps (MapForge has thus far been limited to tactical-scale battlemaps).
Note, you'll need Mapforge to get full use of the resources offered in this Kickstarter.

The details are in the guts of the Kickstarter page itself. Read it carefully and pay for the art packs - at low or hi res - that you want.

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  1. I've backed this entire KS line, the quality is amazing and worth every penny

  2. LOL @ "Who the hell does that?"

    Well, it beats the alternative. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there's a very popular VTT where if you post on their forums and so much as mention the existence of other VTTs, your post will get summarily deleted.

    Anyway, thanks a bunch for covering my campaign. I'll be posting a KS Update later today with a "new features and content preview" video that I hope folks will check out.

  3. Thanks, Cyrix!

    New KS Update posted that includes a new video which previews the new features in MapForge v1.0.9: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/battlegrounds/hex-tile-content-add-ons-for-mapforge-map-making-s/posts/2435272

    1. I'm a huge fan of your work, please keep putting out great content and getting more artists to sign up to work with you!

    2. If you have a particular artist in mind, let me know.

      The one I've been wanting to get on board from the get-go is David Hemenway. Might need some fan help to convince him.


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