Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Kickstarter - City of the Hobgoblin King: 3D Printable Fantasy RPG Terrain (Matt Finch)

I'm in a bit of a Kickstarter coverage backlog due to last week's TotalCon and this week's upcoming Gary Con. I'm trying to get in what I can before I fall into "Con Posting Limitations." I'm happy to get a post a day in while at a convention.

As usual, I blame Tom Tullis. Tom of Fat Dragon Games knows 3d printing and has released some amazing 3d printing files via Kickstarter. If I told you how close I am to buy a 3d printer because of Tom, you might not believe me. Well, Matt Finch and his City of the Hobgoblin King: 3D Printable Fantasy RPG Terrain Kickstarter may just put me over the edge. I think when I get back from Gary Con we're moving my son's boxes (of shit he left being when moving to Salt Lake City) to storage. I need room for a 3d printer.

Seriously, look at the samples pictured (yep, pictures speak volumes with this Kickstarter)

5 bucks

49 bucks
Damn you all! I do not need but I sure do want...

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  1. The artist who designed these models is a fantastic one to work with. His pieces print well, have very little in the way of errors and are phenomenal models. Look at his Arena and coliseum pieces. I printed out a gladiatorial arena and it was an amazing piece all to put minis inside.


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