Saturday, March 9, 2019

Ken Whitman - Keep Hope on Life Support and the Threatened Lawsuits at Bay- Spinward Traveller Gets First Update in 30 Months

If there is one thing we've learned about Ken Whitman, its that lawsuits CAN prod the man to either truth or deception, but at least he takes action.

Apparently, Ken has been facing the threat of lawsuits from angry backers of the Spinward Traveller TV Pilot Kickstarter. How does Ken respond? First update on the Kickstarter in 2 1/2 years.

I kinda assumed the raw video for this and the Castles & Crusades video was destroyed when his friend's barn went up in flames with the raw footage for the Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series Kickstarter.

And wasn't it six months ago or longer since Ken and Marcus posted about a foiling machine being purchased to makes some of Ken's infamous pencil dice? I mean, they use dice as pencils in our prison system. Ken might want to give that a first hand checking out...


  1. Posted to the comments on the Update:

    d20 Entertainment 6-time creator about 4 hours ago

    You are welcome to be upset and mad, I know I would be if I were in your shoes. But I am not going to answer any questions other than... I do have the footage, I am delivering footage to Mr. Miller, and I will finish up the effects on the green screen once Mr. Miller has the raw footage. I will NOT be asking for more money, I am paying of pocket to complete all the SFX, and YES the actors all got paid years ago.

    I appreciate your patients and will allow Mr. Miller to take the lead on marketing & presenting the project. Once again, I apologize, but to plan to finish all my Kickstarters in the near future."

  2. As usual, classic Ken (both in attitude and spelling). Also.... "plan to finish all my Kickstarters"... all???

  3. Just because I plan to do something doesn’t mean that it will happen.

  4. I know this is all a lie. BOTH 4TB hard drives were totally destroyed in a fire, and all raw footage lost. The ONLY footage Whitman could have is what he had weeks prior to Gencon 2015, in August 2015.

    My findings were very clear and I filed them as a memorandum in my case in New York State. Both 4TB drives were lost. Whitman is lying about being able to turn over the footage. The only footage Whitman could possibly have is what he had weeks prior to August 2015. Weeks before August 2015, Whitman lost track of the two 4TB hard drives that had the footage. I did track down where they ended up. Apparently, about 18 months or so, prior to my lawsuit, all of the boxes that the drives could have been in were lost in a fire in a barn. Nothing was ever found and both drives a total lost.

    If Whitman is telling people that he has the footage, it is all a lie and he is doing it to try to avoid another lawsuit.

  5. Can someone send me a link to this threatened lawsuit cause this is the first time I've heard about it.

    I recovered a hard drive and I am making a copy for Marc Miller as he provided me a spare drive for said copy.

    If any of you have any questions please contact Me at Miller.

  6. >I recovered a hard drive and I am making a copy for Marc Miller as he provided me a spare drive for said copy.

    Please let this be true.

  7. It would be nice to get confirmation from Marc Miller about this, but I doubt it will be coming.

    Another attempt as misdirection from Kenny. So sad, really.

  8. How can you have 'recovered' a hard drive? Last year you did not even know where the guy was that had the 2 4TB hard drive (I had to track the guy down, remember Whitman?, YOU had no idea where the guy even was anymore.), and you made no mention of any other drive, a drive that no one else except you knew about, even after I offered $500 (this offer is in my court filings) leading to anything that lead to the recovery of the footage?

    So I have:

    1: Sent Whitman a dropbox link that he can use to upload a sample and prove he really did recover something (or at least claims he did):

    Whitman has a dropbox link, the upload version, in an email that dropbox just sent him, at my cost.

    This is the share link for if and when Whitman uploads anything. It will allow people to only view or download the files:

    2: Sent word to Marc Miller, through a Facebook account, asking if he has had any contact with Whitman or knows anything about a 'recovered hard drive'.

    3: One will note that instead of just making the footage available online, Whitman has to go through all kinds of machinations to make one copy and only turn it over to one specific person. Apparently, only having two 4TB drives and losing both did not teach Whitman anything about having or making proper backup copies.

  9. Ken Whitman has a special power. Anyone that associates with him loses all grammatical capability.

  10. Update as of Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 8:30pm.

    1: I sent Marc Miller word through a Facebook messenger program last Monday about what Whitman said, and have had no reply. I am not surprised since I would expect that Marc would want nothing to do with anything Whitman related, especially when everything Whitman says is a lie and Whitman messes up everything he touches.

    2: There is nothing in the drop box link I provided to Whitman to upload anything to prove what he says is true about 'recovering' anything of the footage.

    3: No word from Whitman in the last few days. I would expect that since no one is buying any of his lies that Whitman does not know what to say or do. The current lies are all on top of the posting in 2018 claiming he, Whitman, had been working on making pencil dice 'all day', of which no one has seen or had delivered even one pencil.

  11. If three frogs are sitting on a log and one "plans" to jump off, how many are left? As Bruce Hill points out, planning to do something isn't actually doing anything. Here's Ken, doing nothing. As usual.

  12. OMG, he's now claiming to have sent the footage (you know, that was lost) to Marc Miller. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/d20e/spinward-traveller-tv-pilot/posts/3018216


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