Sunday, March 3, 2019

Kickstarter - Cade's Big Book o' Booze (5e)

I'm in a bit of a Kickstarter coverage backlog due to last week's TotalCon and this week's upcoming Gary Con. I'm trying to get in what I can before I fall into "Con Posting Limitations." I'm happy to get a post a day in while at a convention.

Cade's Big Book o' Booze Kickstarter is "an alcohol-related zine for use with 5th edition fantasy." My God! How could The Tavern fail to highlight this Kickstarter? ;)
Cade's Big Book o' Booze is a humorous zine designed to be used with the 5th edition of the world's most popular fantasy rpg. While the tone is jovial, the book itself will contain content useful for any fantasy game.  
  • The "Intoxicated" condition and what it entails
  • New alcohols for your fantasy game to add some flavor (pun-intended) to your campaigns
  • New equipment and weapons, including the formidable dwarven battle mug
  • Cade's Bar Guide: a list of materials/ingredients found in the game world and how to use them to make the ultimate cocktails 
  • New magic: spells and magic items 
  • New monsters to face, including the b'ooze and the dreaded bad beer elemental
  • NPC stats for Cade Ashworthy, the titular planehopping halfling 
  • And more... 
Fun stuff :)
In addition to the pledge rewards at funding, all backers will receive PDF copies of Conspiracy Theories A SURVIVE THIS!! Zine: Issue 1: The Dark Door and Conspiracy Theories A SURVIVE THIS!! Zine: Issue 2: Frostbitten by Bloat Games. I want to thank Eric for his generosity. 
More fun stuff!

5 bucks in PDF. 12 for Print plus PDF (including shipping in the US)

4 days to go and funded.

Neither The Tavern nor myself receive compensation for Kickstarter coverage or Kickstarter posts. Some Kickstarters are brought to the attention of The Tavern by their creators. Such communication does not guarantee coverage here at The Tavern. I do not back every Kickstarter I highlight as my wallet's contents are not limitless but I do find all highlighted Kickstarters interesting for one or more reasons - Erik Tenkar

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