Friday, March 8, 2019

Gary Con XI - Day 2 - Demonic Unionized Workers Take Over Rappan Athuk: Mouth of Doom

There was a little stress in getting the Rappan Athuk: Mouth of Doom dungeon set up last night. The tables didn't get set up until Rach and I were out getting dinner. The rest of the Frogs started the setup and Rach & I finished it. Admittedly, the rooms were kinda mixed up.

Stealing a schtick from Joe Bloch, the Demon Union is involved in renovations of the Mouth of Doom, which was a nice twist for those that have played thru or read the printed version.

Demons Working signs, Helmets Required and florescent CAUTION tape were in high use ;)

Today's session was a blast to run. Two more sessions - Saturday and Sunday morning.


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