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The Tavern Chat Podcast - Episode 61 - #ConManKen - Marcus Can't Shut Up Either

My God, the rabbit hole just get's deeper and deeper. I know Marcus thinks he's helping Ken but he's just confirming things that weren't fully confirmed before.

The #ConManKen Saga just gets more and more entertaining. With today's episode, Ken's enabler Marcus reveals and confirms more than he planned in a series of emails with Louis.

Link to Episode 61 - https://anchor.fm/tavernchat/episodes/Episode-61---ConManKen---Marcus-Cant-Shut-Up-Either-e1qeqi

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Email Transcripts:

On Wed, Jul 4, 2018 at 8:21 AM, Louis J Desy Jr wrote:

Hi Marcus,
I saw that you left me a note on one of the boards (http://www.tenkarstavern.com/2018/04/ken-whitman-youve-been-served.html?m=1), so I am sending you this email to ask if you still hold the note on the comic book store, Little Monsters and Comics?

If you do hold the note, I would be interested in purchasing that note from you if we could come to terms to do so.

The first part of the conversation is that I would need to understand exactly what the note is for and what it is secured by. If you have any documentation that would be helpful also.

Take care,
Louis J. Desy Jr.

On Wed, Jul 4, 2018 at 11:03 AM, Marcus King  wrote:

Oh, I remember this nozzle now.  He never called (more precisely I don't know if he ever called, but I never spoke to him), and I never saw his email, either.  My filter is turned up, I have had this email address for 19 years, and get a ton of junk.

This is the guy who was speculating that you were my financier for my store, and was accusing me of receiving money from your kickstarters to finance my store.  I told him to call me, because I didn't want to put anything else into text he could misquote, again.
Fuck that guy.  Guy thinks some shit up, and then posts it, what a douchebag.  By the way, Louis, Jon Huston was my partner.  The guy who owns Troll And Toad, post some stupid shit about him and see how fast you are homeless and penniless. 

Ken, you saved my life, and though you piss me off badly sometimes, if this guy is telling you I ever entertained the notion of selling him your note, that is bullshit.

Don't let this guy get you all twisted up, enjoy your life, and enjoy working for your girlfriend.

Louis, if you want a statement from me about this, you can ask nicely and get a lot more cooperation than posting nasty shit online.  I don't know what kind of people you usually deal with, but I have heard you aren't even a lawyer anymore, so...  Unless You have some proof that I owe you money, you can quit posting about me on the internet as a way of virtue signaling to others how you are taking on big bad Ken.

Ken is broke, so kicking a guy when he is down doesn't make you anything but a bully.

On Jul 4, 2018, at 2:26 PM, Louis J Desy Jr  wrote:

What is the meaning of this?

I didn't email you earlier since I didn't see the message until recently since I had expected after a few days there would be no more postings to that thread and only accidently saw your message with contact information while looking for other information a few days ago. My contact information is all over the place plus the court filings list my full address and email address so you could have easily sent me a message plus Whitman is well aware of my email address if you had asked him.

I finally had time to send you a message; and you reply by insulting me?

As far as my speculations in public, many people can understand why you would want to help Whitman from your past friendship and help he gave you over the years, but are completely baffled as to why you would allow someone that has systematically stolen from everyone he has come into contact with over the last decade or two a safe place to operate from, continue his cons, and all the while run the risk that Whitman will steal everything that is not nailed down from you and the store and your business partner. So far it appears that Whitman has not stolen from you (or has but no details have come out yet but there was some mention in a posting about a problem with the arrangement) but the general consensus is that it is only a matter of time before Whitman does steal from you. If Whitman never steals from you, then I do wonder why you seem to be the one and only person that Whitman would not steal from since as far a I can tell, everyone that Whitman has come into contact from at least the mid 1990s and on has been sorry that they ever dealt with him.

These people that Whitman has ruined over the past years includes running his wife (now exwife?) into bankruptcy in 2013 with him and then charging thousands of dollars onto the charge card of a woman that he went on cruise with, probably with Kickstarter funds, from one of the Kickstarter projects.

Now there was all kinds of moving of assets once my lawsuit started, and it seems strange that your partner seems to be no where to be found or has any comment on any of this. Whitman appears to have been using the store that you sold to him to start running more cons, including selling fake Walking Dead memorabilia and now the store has allegedly been sold to Whitman's new girlfriend, Jess Hunter, but Whitman appears to be working there most days and even is at the top of the Facebook page for the store today. It is telling that the LLC that the store was claimed to have been sold to did not exist until after the sale was announced and one of the web sites tracking all of this made a posting about it.

That and more is why I wonder what is going on, since none of it makes any sense. To me it looks like there is not just one plan to shift assets around, but two plans of people moving assets to avoid a lawsuit and something else.

Louis J. Desy Jr.

On Wed, Jul 4, 2018 at 9:01 PM, Marcus King wrote:

I don’t give a fuck what you wonder.

I don’t give a fuck about you. Because you slandered me online with no cause.

Fuck off.

From: Louis J Desy Jr  Date: Wed, Jul 4, 2018 at 9:37 PM

And things like your reaction with your email are why people wonder what is going on!

So, tell me, is this whole story about the note on the comic book store true or is it just another Whitman 'fairy tale' that you went along with?

Right now I am still in a somewhat forgiving mood, and willing to play the part of monsignor and take confessions, and grant forgiveness for any ‘misrepresentations’ at this point; but the time for such confessions is rapidly nearing a close, so if there is something that you should or want to confess and be granted absolution for, the time is now.

What about your partner, maybe he would be interested in being bought out for his share of the business? I think he may be interested in selling, especially considering how you act when someone contacts you about buying what may turn out to be an almost worthless note on a business that people claim is losing money.

I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. "...enjoy working for your girlfriend." So that confirms that Kenny never left the store and all that happened was "ownership" (or whatever's going on) just traded hands. At least we know Kenny's still living in the back for future subpoenas.

  2. Can we go halfsies on the note? I'd be willing to contribute paying for that note just to own it...you know...for the kids.

    1. There is a question as to if a note really exists, and if it does, how much is it worth.

      Considering that it was posted online that no payment has been made on it in weeks, plus Marcus King just started calling me names when I asked about buying the alleged note on the store.

      If ther really was a note, why wouldn't Marcus king at least quote any price and try to sell it?
      Does he think it is going to be more valuable the longer there are no payments on it?

      The other possibility that struck me is that Marcus King and the others are not helping Whitman of their own free will and Whitman has some hold over all of them; i.e. maybe blackmailing all of them with something.

      While there is no indication that is what is going on, it would explain the strange lengths they are going to help Whitman.

  3. It is really bizarre that ken & marcus respond at all - I mean, LITERALLY the first thing a police officer will tell someone is their "right to remain silent," keeping them from incriminating themselves by saying something stupid, and these guys just keep doing it.

    1. Actually, that's the one thing that worries me about Louis Desy; at this point, he should shut up too and just let the courts handle it. Keep all communication with Whitman to what is necessary and/or required by the court action.

      Don't give a con man like Ken anything even approaching ammunition to utilize in court. Clam up. Let the evidence speak for itself (and let Ken bury himself when he opens his mouth).

      Ken is in jeopardy. I think Ken gets that. Don't interrupt him while he lashes out and flails around for a solution.

    2. Well, Whitman simply can't stay off of social media. Remember a little while ago when he told people he was 'going dark' after he sold his girlfriend the store, and then starts emails and posts like within hours of his twitter message?

      Marcus King I can understand because it is starting to look like Whitman has get King involved in something that King does not want to be in but can't get out of for some reason.

      One theory I am looking at is that somehow Whitman is blackmailing Marcus King somehow, which would explain why Marcus is helping whitman so much.

  4. @Emmett
    I see your point, but also, I think Louis is possibly playing a bit of a different game of "anything I say will cause Ken to put his foot in his mouth even more, so I may as well egg him on," which honestly, I love because it's hilarious :0

    1. I am somewhat amazed at the answers I get from Whitman and his associates.

      Years ago, my classmate at law school and friend Bill (William Strigler) use to tell me that in these situations, "Watch, it will be like reading a science fiction novel or a fairy tale."

      And true to form, the longer the story goes on, the stranger and funnier the story gets from Whitman and his associates.

      The best parts are how things that no one asked about or brought up, they will bring up on their own and make it part of the work of fiction they weave.

  5. Louis Desy Jr was disbared from being a lawyer for aggressive behavior and harrastment. He was kicked off the board of HGMS for harrasment. He filed bankruptcy to not pay for the school loan that was useless after he was DISBARRED. This is the Champion? Your Hero? This guy is a fucking fruitcake with a a-holes flavored icing.

    I know, I know, don't try to distract readers from the real situation. Blah, blah. But I have to say, you guys are not the good guys either.

  6. Oh, Kenny, you poor deluded soul.

    Desy isn't responsible for this situation - you are. You need to own this and stop blaming everyone else. You took people's money and gave them back nothing, and you insulted and whined about it when they called you on your sh!t.

    That's completely on you. No one else. Just you.

    Where's my refund?

  7. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.


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