Sunday, July 15, 2018

Flash Humble Bundle Giveaway - Humble Book Bundle: Chuck Tingle Humbles our Bundle

Zach G was the only entry in the prior Flash Giveaway, so it was an easy gift to giveaway ;)

Next up. Humble Book Bundle: Chuck Tingle Humbles our Bundle.

From Wikipedia:
Dr. Chuck Tingle is a pseudonymous author of gay niche erotica. He self-publishes his works through Amazon.com, primarily as ebooks, but also as paperbacks and audiobooks (narrated by Sam Rand). Tingle began his career by writing dinosaur erotica and expanded to stories based on unicorns, Bigfeet, and various anthropomorphized objects and even concepts. The bizarre nature of Tingle's writing has led to his developing a cult reputation.
Listen, not my cup of tea. Maybe not yours even. Maybe you know someone that would enjoy this collection of stories and books.

Want a chance at the bundle? Comment below by 3pm eastern time, tomorrow - Monday, July 16th. I'll choose a random commenter.

Hey, free prizes are free prizes!

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