Monday, July 16, 2018

#ConManKen - Kenny Mobilizes his Army of Five - no, Six Followers...

So, #ConManKen is mobilizing his social media army of a half dozen peeps to take down Louis.

Ken has thrown down the gauntlet. I see a challenge for members of the Tavern's Community. Can we mobilize more than an army of six?

I'm looking for #ConManKen memes. Email me at tenkarsDOTtavern at that gmail thing. When I have enough I'll post them here for folks to share to the larger gaming comunity.

Feel free to "sign up" for the #ConManKen Bowel Movement by posting a comment below ;)


  1. Yes ... because the best thing you can do right before you have an August 1st court date is act like an unhinged madman bent on revenge to impress the judge.

    1. Well acting like an unhinged madman will get a judge's attention, so there is that going for such a plan.

  2. Maybe I'm just an over educated language snob, but I find it almost impossible to take anyone seriously who does not know basic definitions of words and can not be bothered to even give a cursory check for spelling and grammar before posting.

    "marketing genies?" Past the clear idiocy of not knowing that the word is "genius" lies the utter lunacy that he thinks he is more than one person.

  3. We may have found the ONE person stupider than trump.

    1. I’m sad about how dumb you are. Can you try to be less dumb please?

    2. Why bring politics into this ? Can't you just relax and enjoy a perfectly fine Ken moment ?

  4. Get the genie back in his bottle!

    Not only do I not believe in playing Ken's game, there's no way any of us can make him look any worse than he makes himself look. He's comedy gold just by being himself.

    Ken is what, 45? He didn't figure out in high school that nobody else cares about your personal vendetta. There's no local paper that will carry his petty garbage.

    Oh, yeah, and Ken used a gay slur, too. Granted, it's one that has long been a general insult, but still.

    1. I think Whitman is almost 50 now.

      I do wonder from time to time what kind of retirement he thinks he is going to have, considering he probably has not reported any income for the last several years, or very little income.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Ken is just bat guano insano, and that's putting it nicely

  7. I wanna check out the Internet "sights". I just got a new camera and want to take some photos.

  8. LoL. Yep, even Ken’s ability to spell is a little worse ... though, what if he actually commands the eldritch powers of marketing genies?

  9. Ohhhh Kenny.... Kenny, Kenny, Kenny... you sir, are a boob.

  10. The great irony here is that Ken has just very publicly admitted to organizing a large scale smear campaign against LDJ based on the absolutely provable falsehood that LDJ was disbarred (he wasn't). He'll be 100% guilty of what he so often likes to accuse Jolly, LDJ, and others of doing - engaging in a campaign of libel and slander. And, of course, Ken's too stupid to realize this because he doesn't understand the difference between facts and fancy (his detractors are dealing in easily verifiable truths, while he is knowingly and deliberately spreading easily disproven falsehoods).

  11. I dunno guys, Genies can cast wish 3/day, and take on a tornado form. Might be best not to fuck with someone who can bring a censer of commanding air elementals to bear.

  12. Someone asked for memes?


  13. I'm going to be entering the Self-Publishing business in January.

    I'd give my left testicle for a Marketing Genie.

  14. I love how ken goes right after LDJ on 2 things that don't mean squat in the upcoming trial. None of his past is in the LEAST relevant to the case and he keeps throwing out facts that mean ZERO in the eyes of the court.

    1. Not a Lawyer: So what, he's representing himself Pro Se. He can do that, he knows how.

    2. Filing Bankruptcy: So what, happens to everyone, at least he didn't bury debts from 3 companies that he milked out of funds for personal proceeds and take down his significant other's credit score with it.

    So kudo's to you Whitless, you have ZERO grounds to throw stones and I hope that LDJ buries you deep in litigation that you will finally buy a damn dictionary to look up how to spell and understand the words that legalese will drown you in.

    1. I think Whitman uses a smartphone for the emails and somewhat surprised that he is not using a spell check on either the program or the phone.

  15. Replies
    1. How much do you weigh? I don't know if I can eat that much shit?

      You know what's funny, not one of you have every come up to me in person and say this stuff. Cowards behind a keyboard.

    2. Ken, I look forward to seeing you in person when you come up to NYC. Not for nothing, but there is little reason for me to go to Kentucky just to say things to your face. Well, truthfully there is little reason to go to Kentucky at all;)

    3. Ah Ken,

      One of the brilliant aspects of the Kickstarter con is that a number of people are several states, and even an ocean, away from you; making it almost impossible to go to you in person or have you served or show for court appearances in any case against you.

      You also seem to forgot that once you decided you had gotten everything you could from the projects, you fled in the middle of the night and left no forwarding address, all in an attempt to avoid any process of service. It took me months to find a place that you were staying long enough to have you served in hand. My 30 day demand letter was April 2016 and it was not until March 2018 that I was able to find a place where it looked like you would stay put long enough to be served in person.

      Remember all that?

    4. I just talked to the State of Kentucy and it said to tell you to, and I quote " come suck my balls!" Now remember folks, I'm just passing this along, so don't blame me for Kentuckys foul language.

    5. Ken,
      It looks like parts of your last posting are missing, since it does not make much sense.

  16. Ken 'Whit' Whitman has done some amazing marketing in one area, the youtube video.

    Video about Whitman's Kickstarter projects:

    It was posted on Jan 27, 2018. The last time I looked it had a little over 90K views. Now, almost 6 months since it was posted, it is up to 204,140 views. It is getting over 30K views per month on average.

    I don't think I could get numbers like that even if I paid a bot network to generate views.

    1. No, you get numbers like when you buy them. I'm pretty sure you bought the 200k views off of eBay my friend. The number of comments don't stack up to the view numbers.

    2. What about the comments, there is something like one thousand or so comments?

  17. I did notice that someone bought a copy of my book about taking the bar exam, and Whitman posted within the last day or so about the book, so I am going to guess that Whitman bought that copy as research for his 'Genies marketing campaign' to ruin me.

    Here is a link to the book:

    From five days each quarter I make it available as a free download, which is the most allowed by the Amazon KDP Select promotion program.

    I took a look at total number of units sold or given away and it is up to 381 so far. It was published August 2012.

    The current quarter ends on July 20, 2018 so I can put out there another five days starting on July 21. I will put out another campaign so people can download a copy for free if they want to see it and put a message here.

    It is not a long book, only about 26 pages of text, around 10,000 to 15,000 words and I think people will find some parts of it interesting, especially the part where someone asked my classmate and friend, Bill, for my address after I took the exam the first time.

  18. Whitman also sent me a photo that he found of me, online and apparently more of his 'genies marketing campaign'.

    It is interesting how Whitman will spend all kind of time and effort doing all kinds of things, except what he was originally paid to do!

    1. Yeah. He has a real knack for avoiding responsibility.

    2. I have to make a living and survive. Which is impossible when you have a saveral people folling you around, illegally contacting people you work with to get you fired.

      I have to say at least Louis is doing it the correct way. But you cant get blood from a stone... You guys made sure of that.

      Night fuckers, oh if I meet you, I will say it to your face. At least I'm not chicken shit behind a key board.

    3. No matter what is going on, you COULD turn over the raw footage at no cost to you.

      The fact that you refuse to do so unless ordered by a court shows that you are not sincere or dealing in good faith with anyone

      The fact that you ‘transferred’ the store to your girlfriend once you got served shows that the store has value, otherwise why bother?

      You continue to work at the store weeks after being served and tried to make it look like you had gone elsewhere so you must be making some money.

    4. You know what MIGHT help you get work?

      I bet it would help a lot if you did not steal everything that was not nailed down or ripped everyone off around you when you went to work any place.

      Companies and people usually do not like to hire people that have a decade or two track record of messing everything up and stealing from everyone around them; its bad for business!

    5. Oh, Ken

      You never explained why you turned down Marcus King's offer to work 20 hours per week on the projects and GET PAID at his expense.

      You claim you have no money but you turn down his offer to be PAID to work on the projects?

      Too busy working on the next 'marks' for your cons?

    6. Ok Louis, I'm going to tell you one more time. I did not transfer the company to Jess Hunter. I missed payments on the store starting in December. Marcus allowed me to stay and work until they found a replacement. Why, because he's my friend.

      The store and money was given back to Jim in a buy out from Nad Ox... I have nothing to do with this buy out or the timing in which it happened.

      Jess secured a deal with Jim, I trained Jess and yes we started dating.

      All of this has a paper trail, well except for the dating part.

      I go back to Atlanta for small parts and Jess also hires me as a contractor to sell for her.

      I own a car, a crash on couches.

      Your delusional ideas that I masterminded some crazy plsn to hide assets I never owed makes you a dumb fuck.

      I'm not scared of a judgment, because I got nothing. I can say what I want cause you know... Free country.

      Now, good luck to you as I get back to my shitty life with no retirement. If you guys are by the he lake, drop in.

    7. Right Ken,

      Just after you get served, all of a sudden all this other transferring of assets starts and just happens to transfer your store to your new girlfriend. I mean, what are the odds, right?

      You tell people that you are moving away, but still keep working at your store.

      You tell people that you were able to buy two foil machines since the store was doing so well, but now claim that you were unable to make any payments on an alleged note to Marcus after both of you tell everyone that you bought the store and Marcus was out of any liability for the lease? (As a note, I have a call in to the landlord to inquire as to the lease, if any, for the store.)

      Were is the foil machine that you bought?
      It should have arrived by now, right?

      What about the posting that Marcus King put out about you and him 'working on the pencil dice bags' a while ago, how many you got done or did Marcus King lie for you on that, because he is part of the con also?

      One of the things that backers on the project are looking for is the raw footage. You DO have that and it would cost you nothing to turn that over.

      As far as other aspects of a judgment, if an accounting shows that you did not spend the money on the project, that is fraud and criminal.

    8. Fraud requires mens rea, and I spend money on every last project.

      Also, if I'm broke, how could I have afford to buy a damn store? I could not, Marcus had me on a weekly $320 rent to pay own. I can show pament up to December and then after that I can not. I can show bank statements showing the same.

      The file for KODT were given to Been Dobynz 2 years ago. Only files I have.

      I have nothing to hide from you, so go suck a turd. If I was half as smart and or evil as you believe I am sure I would be in jail or dead by now.

      And you think I blackmale people? People help me cause I a good fucking man who Nad a shit ton of bad decisions.

      I'm not going to convince any of you here of anything with your linch mob mintality, but I can say your openion of me is none of my business.

      I don't wish you guys I'll, I just wish you away from me.

    9. The lease, btw, is and has always been in Jim's name. Marcus never assumed it in the business buy out deal. Jim was granfathered in on a low rate. So, your gonna have to try harder than that my friend.

    10. Ken, you could not have spent money on either Pencil Dice KS. If you had, folks would have their pencils.

      Then there is the quote you made on a certain blog interview, stating that you spent money raised on the Pencil Dice Kickstarters to finance your film passion. That sir is fraud right there. Intent and action, spelled out by you and you alone.

    11. R.P.G.
      Some have said that your latest three projects were created to bankroll more funds into your other projects like KODT, Spinward Traveler and C&C. So would you tell us are the funds for each D20 project maintained separately?

      Making Tv pilots and movies is my dream. So I have funneled in extra monies from pencil dice to keep editing & producing. I want these three projects to be the best I can do. I want people to see what I see in my head. So, I spend very little money on myself. Every product I sell, every kickstarter I run, a majority goes into new and future projects. I have my monthly expenses down to $1200, so i can keep doing this!

      (there were no extra monies from pencil dice as you never placed the order)


      Your honor, I'd like to add this as exhibit FoS1 - The first in the Full of Shit line of entries.

    12. So Ken,
      You have been refusing to let anyone inventory the files you have, because you already delivered them two years ago?

      If that is true, then WHY did you want another contract with Jolly and Company before "you would turn over the files"?

      Answer: Because you are LYING about having turned over the files and are holding them hostage to try to force another contract with Jolly and company.

    13. Delivered to Ben Dybins 2 years ago, ask Benand orJolly ya dumb fuck.

    14. That is a LIE Ken.

      It was already stated, in public, that no one, EXCEPT YOU, have the high resolution raw footage for episode three plus other footage.

      It was also stated in public that you want another contract with Jolly and company, and are refusing to turn the raw footage over until you can force them to sign a new contract.

    15. Here's the rub, as I prove I tell the truth, not one of you will say you were sorry for being dicks. I know the facts, I know the truth. You guys speculate on hearsay and made up bill-shit. You guys have printed as much fake facts as the deomcrats do for Trump. Laughable.

      This is now my last post ever here.
      Good by assholes.

    16. No Ken, You LIE on just about everything.

      As one small example, D20 Entertainment LLC.

      You list that as the creator for the project; the only problem is that it never existed!

      As everyone knows, it is a lie because I hold the name reservation on it, so it was never registered.

      You lied to Kickstarter PBC or got Kickstarter PBC to go along with the lie to allow a fake company to register as the creator for the project.

      That way when you ran off there would be no address for any process of service on you since the company did not exist!

      You planned this all as a con right from day 1!

    17. Anyone want to bet if it will be minutes or hours before Ken 'Whit' Whitman starts posting here again?

      Notice I left off the time periods of days or longer, since everyone knows there is no way Ken 'Whit' Whitman could stand to NOT post for that long!

  19. Uh, to make a living, don’t you have to deliver product? I don’t think anyone here is trying to keep you from doing that.

  20. "illegally"

    Kenny, as always lies and threatens people with non-existant laws and FBI agents.

    "if I meet you, I will say it to your face. At least I'm not chicken shit behind a key board."

    If you're going to be at GenCon, I'll come up and tell you to your face that you owe me $150.00, and I'll tell everyone around us how you bilked people with your fraudulent Kickstarters.

    You going to be there, aren't you?

  21. Hey Kenny! More from your interview:

    With Gen Con fast approaching can you give us a status on your projects at the time of this interview. (6/2/15)

    KODT, Spinward Traveller and C&C will premier at GEN CON 2015. After the show we will be shipping out all DVDs and such. Pencil Dice have just shipped from China and should start shipping stateside in the next 30 days

    1. Care to comment Ken? Or do you not directly address anything I say? Because I have the proof. Your own words.

  22. Something must have happened to Ken 'Whit' Whitman's smartphone or the whole area around the Little Monsters Comics must have lost cell service.

    I simply can't believe that Ken would not post for this long unless something was wrong.

    Maybe Ken's smartphone broke and he needs a new one. I could ship him one since it has been very quite without Ken's comments.

  23. I just realized what it is that must have happened to Whitman.

    Ken 'Whit' Whitman must have started his "marketing genies" program with his six people and is too busy to do anything else.

    I hope they are got paid in advance, otherwise the program may have to come to a halt once the people realize they probably are NOT going to get paid.

    I was reading through some comments over at notanotherdime and one person posted that Whitman had trouble paying her back $100 or $200 for a some kind of movie screen session or whatever he was doing in Atlanta, that did not get done. He was paying her at the rate of $25 per month and it sounds like he didn't even finish paying that; probably because he fled Atlanta where he went to after he fled Kentucky but went back to Kentucky because there was no where else to go for Ken 'Whit' Whitman.

  24. Local papers?

    I just reread the details of Ken 'Whit' Whitman 'marketing genies' program.

    Ken mentioned contacting the Local papers, but unless Ken is going to confess to running a ponzi scheme, I can't see why any newspaper would want to publish anything he tells them.

    Or is this threat more of something that Whitman is afraid will happen to him once the local papers find out about his ponzi scheme and make it harder to find new marks for his cons?

  25. I wonder if Petey is using Ed Kramer as one of his marketing genies?

    Petey shacked up with Ed in Atlanta for a while. In a conversation, he denied that Kramer was a convicted pedophile, and blamed it on the DA whom Petey says is in the KKK.

    The man's delusions just keep getting bigger and bigger.

    1. The local DA said that, is it online or in any testimony anywhere?

    2. Ed Kramer is a convicted child sex offender. That's pretty well-established fact. Like other facts, Ken can't see it because he's living in his own fantasy world, but it is a fact all the same.

  26. I do NOT think it is our Ken.

    It looks like more of a support of the Confederate Flag than really a KKK member, plus I think it might be another Ken Whitman, since the name is somewhat common and the article mentions the person being a resident of Douglas County GA.

  27. If anyone is interested in a free download of my book, it will be available for the next two days, Sunday July 22 and Monday July 23.

    I also setup a free download for all three days of Labor Day weekend 2018.


  28. Hey Ken,
    Are you going to post a review of my book?

  29. Well, it looks like I might get to see everyone at the preliminary scheduling conference next Wednesday, August 01, 2018, if they show up.

    If all of the parties submit a schedule in advance to the court it gets entered into the docket and that part would be done, but as of right now Whitman is not doing anything and does not seem to care about having to travel 800 miles if he wants to be present for the conference. Kickstarter PBC has not even filed an appearance to represent them and the time for them to file an answer is running out.

    I am not sure, but once the time for Kickstarter PCB runs to file an answer and they don't file one, I may be able to file for a summary judgement against both Whitman and Kickstarter PBC. I am not exactly sure I can as the plaintiff, plus the court may want to give Whitman a chance at trial to argue on his one defense as to venue and give him some leeway since he is pro se, but at the moment it looks like a win for me and the backers on an almost complete default against both defendants.


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