Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Gazetteer to Eilean Dubh: The Black Isle (A Free Crowd-sourced Fantasy Sandbox Setting)

I'm sitting here at my desk, simply amazed at what I am looking at. I had this silly little vision, this idea of crowd-sourcing a sandbox setting. What you see now is so beyond that vision I had. My touch on this is small, I got the ball rolling and then work threw me a curve ball that caught me off balance until retirement. A HUGE thank you to Milton Murphy for taking over the reins of the project. A better project manager you couldn't find. A shout out to Jed McClure, for putting the pieces together as you see here. Of course, thanks to all that contributed. I am forever in your debt.  Erik Tenkar

The Gazetteer to Eilean Dubh: The Black Isle Free Download Link:

List of Contributors:

Jason Barker
Frabrice Brabon
David Brawley
Hal Burdick
Blackie Carbon
John Ivor Carlson
Ray Chapel
Ian Christy
Dirk Collins
Alasdair Cunningham
Carlos de la Cruz
Mike ‘Carlson’ Davis?
Thomas Drevon
Charley Phipps, aka Druvas
Andrew C. Durston
Kyrinn S. Eis
Pehl Ferebas
Follow Me And Die!
Simon Forester
Pat G
Owen Gannon
Tim Groth
Dale Houston
Malcolm Iggleden
Ed Kann
Fred Liner
Jonathan Linneman
Stephen Manuele
Jed McClure
Duncan McPhedran
Milton Murphy
James Patterson
Benoist Poiré
Michael Prescott
Doyle Wayne Ramos-Tavener
Doug Rector
Content Statement
Jason Reilly
Rorschachhamster aka Christian Sturke
Matthew Ruane
Charles Saeger
Lorenzo Santini
Andrew Schwartz
Alan Skinner
Brett Slocum
Chris Stieha
Christian Sturke
Chris Tamm
Erik Tenkar
Josephe Vandel
Pieter T. “Viking”
Alex Welk
Benjamin Wenham
Chris Wellings


  1. You spelt my name wrong though 😗

    1. Sorry about that, not sure how that slipped through. But it is easily fixed, look for an updated pdf later today.

  2. How can this be free?! So much content. . .

  3. This post is the first I've heard of this setting, but it looks really cool. Looking forward to reading it in more detail later :)

  4. Sorry about that Simon. It has been fixed and I've submitted the corrected version to be posted here on the Tavern. You can also get it through the normal community link.

  5. Wow! I had totally forgotten about this. Couple notes:
    1) It is Mike ‘Carlson’ Davis (no question mark needed).
    2) Even though I had more planned when the new shiny distracted me from it, the "(more to come...)" on page 53 can be removed. Figure there are enough hints of a missile silo there for any GM who wants to flesh it out.

    1. Carlson: got it. I already noticed the stray "?" and am taking it out. I'll remove the 'more to come...' as well.

  6. Such a cool project. Really impressed seeing it all come together, and hope folks have a blast playing content from it, adding their own spin from the ample inspiration lurking in there.

  7. Watch out for that Gazebo on page 125! I think I might have seen it moving!


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