Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I heard whispers of this months ago, then rumblings over the NTRPG Con Weekend and finally a sneak peek on Sunday.

Yes, the Humble Bundle RPG Bundle for 5e is (obviously) for 5e. Yes, it is easy as original sin to convert to the OSR system of your choice. Yes, the selection is overkill. Seriously. The Blight and so much more for 15 bucks? Holy shit! The Blight is 160 bucks in hardcover (though we were selling the Pathfinder version for 80 bucks at NTRPG)

Want an easy to remember link?  http://bit.ly/DungeonsHordesHorrors

What do you get?

This is your One Buck Selection. Lots of adventures (eight) and a 30% off coupon good at Frog God Games, Kobold Press and Troll Lord Games.

This is your 8 buck collection. It includes the above plus the following (23 more adventures):

For 15 bucks, you get the above 31 adventures PLUS the following:

The Blight AND The Tome of Adventure Design? Holy shit! Oh, and so much more. Seriously, how do you pass on this no matter what system you prefer? The amount of content for 15 bucks is simply silly beyond belief.

Run, don't walk to Humble Bundle and grab yours.

Note: Yes, I swim in the Frog God Pond. They take me to conventions and I am forever grateful. It doesn't make this any less of a super deal. Also, that is an affiliate link above. Want to support The Tavern making a purchase you would anyway? This is the way. Your purchase also supports the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.

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