Saturday, June 16, 2018

Your Free RPG Day 2018 Shopping List - I'm Not Overly Impressed

Each year the picks get slimmer and slimmer. Ah well, let us see what Free RPG Day 2018 has to offer...

Unknown Armies: Does anyone still play this?

Pathfinder Adventure Cards: will be left at the bottom of the box

Pathfinder Adventure: 5 bucks a pound!  Oops, that's over. Game is already in the discount bins.

Starfinder: This is not the scifi game you are looking for.

Viking Dice - will never make it past the store employees.

Munchkin Card - first few will get snagged fast, then they will sit at the bottom of the box.

T&T Quick Start Japan Adventure - WTF? Seriously. I want a copy just on the WTF grounds.

Goodman 5e adventure - if 5e is your schtick.

DCC RPG Quickstart - not bad, but I already have sans the new adventure.

Numenera - Still can't read the damn book with all the cluttering watermarking.

Renegade Game Studios - never heard of ya.

CoC adventure: Always cool

Chessex Dice - if you collect...

Eldritch Cock - I'd rather see the new Ref Book and the "shock" has gotten old.

Wrath & Glory - eh?

Delta Green - CC Quickstart - Cool

Troll Lord 5e Adventure - if you are into 5e...

Wyrd Mini - again, won't make it past the employees

Midnight Legion Adventure Book - only one copy per box...

D&D RPG Character Folio - snagged by the owner

That's all folks ;)


  1. T&T is for me! The rest is, eh. Of course, I'll be getting the PDF with the kickstarter for the quickstart. But, I wants it, my precious, I wants it.

  2. I'm not exactly sure how you could complain about free stuff.

    But I'm consistently shocked that Frog God doesn't show up in the box with S&W Legion packets. That seems counter to their goal to get S&W out there to the masses.

    1. Maybe just to skip the middle man? That bring said I'll have plenty of S&W light rules with me to hand out today.

    2. each product or item supplied fir Free RPG Day must be unique each year and first released with Free RPG Day.

      SWL and the Legion Folders are not new and not eligible.

  3. best haul i ever got
    eldritch cock one of prettiest rpg books ever
    was told not t run game as not family friendly so i ran CoC which has no nipples

    1. Eldritch horrors have nothing on exposed nipples. Those things ruin lives!

  4. This is the first year I considered skipping. I am happy I didn't. I actually really like the T&T book, 12 year old me would have been ecstatic if I had this then. The rest of the books I got were fine. I ended up with the DCC take a penny give a penny tray, super happy about that.

  5. Kids on Bikes from Renegade is actually worth looking into. It's a very simple RPG based on Spielbergian films where plucky kids with bicycles have adventures in spite of (or because of?) the clueless or evil adults. Think E.T., Goonies, Stranger Things, Cloak & Dagger, etc.


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