Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Tavern Chat Podcast - Episode #28 - GMF Update, #ConManKen Update and Kickstarters

I can't believe we've hit 28 daily episodes of The Tavern Chat Podcast. Thank you all :)
It's a pretty full episode (and four full weeks of daily podcasts). We look at the Gygax Memorial Fund and the POD AD&D 1e reprints over at RPGNow - is there money going to the GMF from these sales? What's #ConManKen up to and where is he at? Oh, and Kickstarters. Can't forget the Kickstarters ;)
Link to Episode #28:

Link to The Curse of Roslof Keep

Link to Vault of K'Horror A Tunnels & Trolls GM Adventure Kickstarter:

Link to Secrets of the Nethercity Kickstarter:

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