Saturday, March 17, 2018

News - Interesting D&D 5e Figures Releases by WotC at GAMA Earlier this Week

+Stan Shinn was at the GAMA (The Game Manufacturers Association) Trade Show earlier this week and came away with some interesting figures about D&D 5e released by WotC's Mark Price. Here's the takeaway:
— 2017 was the best year for D&D ever in terms of sales
— Year 3 of D&D sales is stronger than their first year
— Actual play streaming is a key driver of D&D’s success, with 9 million users watching D&D on Twitch
— 8.6 million Americans have played D&D in the last 12 months (they did not give stats for overseas)
Certainly stuff to think about. A rising tide lifts all ships and 5e is certainly doing more to raise that tide than any other system right now.



  1. interesting that they feel twitch is the key driver...not sure if that is completely accurate, but an interesting stat.

  2. Its already starting to turn D&D into "something you watch poorly employed voice actors and web-celebrities do."

  3. It's certainly lifting the hoarders-posting-shelfies-with-three-copies-of-every-vintage-TSR-product-in-their-basement boat.

    1. I resemble that remark. Except I have no basement.

  4. The one thing that makes roleplaying games unique as an art form is that the performers and the audience are the same people. Watching other people play D&D for any other purpose than pure instruction doesn't makes any sense. Roleplaying games are not a spectator sport.

    1. People can make it entertaining. it just like any other let's play, the entertainer is using a familiar medium as a way to channel whatever they are doing, weather its drama or comedy, ect

  5. They were smart to discard the 4e "insanely complicated character rules & electronic charbuilder subscription" model for the old "every player buys a Player's Handbook" model. The $50 PHBs give them a nice income, and a common reference point (in my 4e games many players never bought a PHB) which I think has huge network benefits. People buy a PHB, read it, play, have fun, & start thinking they can GM, too...


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