Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Gary Con X - Bill Webb and Jim Wampler talk about what's Coming Up from Frog God in 2018

The above Youtube video was shared with me while I was sleeping and oh my, is it full of info for those curious about Frog God's plans for 2018.

City of Brass, Lost Lands Campaign Setting and Jim Wampler's new game - MegaHeroes - and more, all get revealed.

Want to know some details? Watch the video. Bill is always interesting :)


  1. They didn't mention the Bunnies & Burrows KS that is coming up!

    1. We were giving out B&B Light like hotcakes though :)

      Bill was kinda caught by surprise with this. My understanding is Jim was grabbed from dinner to speak on the video.

  2. Please forgive us! That interview was recorded at 9:00 PM on Saturday, and we were all a little spent. Bill paused a S&W game with 23 players at the table to do this interview, and I had just carbed up on BBQ in the restaurant. :)


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