Sunday, March 11, 2018

Gary Con X - And Now, It is Done - Mostly


Last day of Gary Con today. We sold all but 11 Pathfinder books at 5 bucks a pound. Damn, but it was good sale.

We has many empty crates at the Frog God Booth while packing up, and that is always a good thing.

Packing up the Rappan Athuk terrain was not my job, but i did have to move the containers to a Frog God hotel room. I have no idea how all those pink "popcorn" packing kernels got all over the parking lot. Musta been gremlins.

I've been pretty much told I'm running at least two sessions a con for the Frogs going forward. They will generally be in the evenings, as the mornings and afternoons I'll be manning the booth. Yes, I may be influenced with beer.

There are a nice handful of follow up Gary Con posts that will be shared this week, including my thoughts on how to run a gaming session with dungeon terrain already on the table.

Highlight of my day was getting to meet my Milwaukee to NYC airplane companion again, but this time at the Frog God Booth (along with her husband and mother in law). Yes, Colette, Rach and I will find a way to make it to the Hinterlands Bar in Brooklyn for some gaming.

Next Con - NTRPG :)

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