Monday, March 5, 2018

Magic the Gathering - ABC Local News Piece KVIA Texas - "Magic the Gathering players struggling to weed out sex offenders"

Earlier tonight KVIA 7, a local affiliate of ABC, aired a piece on sex offenders in the Magic the Gathering Community.

This bit of controversy is not going away quietly.

Link to the 2 minute 23 second long video is here (along with the article):


There is a nice piece of history as to what caused this all to come to the surface:


  1. This is a running problem with a lot of communities. We end up with moderators, or judges, or what ever, who are on the shady side. They bring in others who are as shady, if not more so. But, now that they are Mods or what not, they get the benefit of the doubt from otherwise clean Mods/Judges. And, at the same time, those clean folks get edged out over time, in favor of the dirty ones.

    I've seen it kill forums. And, it can kill a local community like Friday Night Magic. An ounce of prevention...

  2. Wizards wants to be woke so they need to live up to all the virtue they signal. They play this stupid game that the official judging program isn’t apart of WoTC but it is and they need to own it

  3. Predators always, always, always place themselves in a time and place that will maximize their chances of encountering their prey.

    Magic: TG is popular with young boys who sometimes have trouble socializing. The math is easy here. I’m glad someone is looking into it.

  4. This has nothing to do with gaming or Magic the Gathering. Its about some pedophiles doing pedophile things and this is just sensationalism on the blogger's part.


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