Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Kickstarter - Folio of Fiendish Monsters 1E Monster Compendium

The Folio is a series of adventures that have been Kickstarted. Production quality has been top notch, right from the start and each project has been spot on for releasing on time. Now, R Scott Taylor wants to release a monster book in the feel of the classic 1e monster manuals.

Presenting the Folio of Fiendish Monsters Kickstarter.
What's in it?
Our plan is to create a 128 page book (like those in the original AD&D orange spine series) and fill it with as many monsters as we can get in there.  All monsters will be set up for 1E AD&D.
What is a Monster Sponsor? 
Well, art is expensive, and even old TSR didn't get images for all its monsters in the original books, so this campaign features a level called a 'Monster Sponsor', and as a backer you are helping create a piece of art for one of the monsters in the book, and in doing so, you will get credit posted next to the image, so you'll be immortalized inside the book. 
There are two sweet point for the backer levels IMO - $50 for the book in print plus PDF and $150 for the Monster Sponsor. With Gary Con this week (damn it I should be there already - curse you Boreas!) money may be a bit tight so I may limit myself to the print and PDF backer level - but damn I'd love to sponsor some art. In any case, 128 pages of OSR monsters will simply rock.


  1. Got on this the day it started. Can't wait until November. Would love to Monster Sponsor, but will have to see how the paycheck is this Fri to maybe splurge the extra Ben Franklin.


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