Saturday, March 10, 2018

Gary Con - Tonight I Ran Rappan Athuk - The Mouth of Doom

Yep, tonight I ran Rappan Athuk: The Mouth of Doom Level in full, painted 3d terrain, and it was f'n cool!

We had a table of nine and I killed  - well, the dice killed - five PCs, and it was good.

I wish I had the space to do a setup like this at home, but it is damn huge :)

Great group, great time. Still no convention TPKs under my belt - heh.

Now, as for some Gary Con related questions that have been asked of me:

- Haven't done anything beyond some basic page flipping of Into the Borderlands and won't do much more until after i get settled back home next week. Is it worth you picking up or pre-ordering? Don't know yet.

- The Midgard Swords & Wizardry Guidebook was part of Kobold Press' recent Kickstarter. It should be on the way to backers that supported for it. I assume it will be for sale on the Kobold website shortly.

- Yes, I occasionally "Hang with Hobbs"

- Pathfinder By The Pound at 5 bucks a pound is a thing at the Frog God booth at Gary Con. The Frogs are not taking requests for mail order. No, I can not bring your books back to NYC in my carry on and ship it to you upon my return. I'll be lucky to bring my own purchases home in my carry on without throwing out clothes and I've hardly shopped yet. Rappan Athuk and Bard's Gate are sold out.


  1. That set-up is jaw-dropping. I am insanely jealous. Thanks for the updates and the photos.

  2. How did they die... natural causes?

  3. Erik killed me at this game. This adventure was great! Visually impressive table.

  4. I need that Orcus poster. . . is Erik sure he can't open a distribution warehouse in between games? :)

  5. Death by giant leech.....so ludicrious.


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