Sunday, March 4, 2018

Kickstarter Follow-Up - The Exfiltrators (an RPG adventure module for 1E, 2E, Swords & Wizardry, and OSRIC)

I posted about The Exfiltrators (an RPG adventure module) Kickstarter before. It looked impressive as written up and looks just as impressive as written. What do I mean by that? I received a mostly complete (not all maps were present) copy of this adventure and it is as advertised - I want to call it a "sandbox" dungeon but that isn't quite right - calling it a "non-linear" adventure as the author does is more to the point (but doesn't sound as cool)

Again, the adventure is written. It reads as if it will run well, but it needs some DM prep because it IS non-linear. You need to read it fully once, if not twice, before running it. For the players, non-linear means that they need to think before acting as it can play out in many different ways.

Layout is classic two columns.

The appendix includes the details of a new god and its priesthood, three magic items and a new spell.

The art is great will a classic old school feel.

At 7 bucks for the PDF, 19 for Print (including shipping in the US and UK) and 22 everywhere else The Exfiltrators is a bargain. Just over a day left in funding. I'm in for the Print myself.
The Exfiltrators is a 36-page prison-break scenario in which the player characters enter an infamous tower of incarceration (either as unwilling inmates or as willing spies) and extract an innocent prisoner.  But just who is innocent and who is guilty?  Inside Velgate prison, no one can be sure.
  • The narrative is non-linear; the PCs have complete freedom in the direction of their investigation.
  • The plot contains puzzles to solve and NPCs to be persuaded, in addition to the usual challenges of sinew and might.
  • At the gamemaster's option, the story can extend into the Outer Planes and transport the PCs to an off-world adventure.
The Exfiltrators is an adventure module for experienced gamemasters.


  1. I'm in for the pdf, looking forward to receiving this!

  2. Good to hear. Looking forward to it as well.


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