Monday, March 5, 2018

Dice Dice Baby - Dice Bags, Dice Cup and Dice (Amazon)

Saturday I got an itch for more dice. Its a horrible itch. I have more dice than I could ever need - but I need more ;)
So I went on Amazon to see what struck my fancy. I ordered two picks and surprisingly they arrived yesterday.

The first pick was for a large dice bag, five smaller dice bags and five sets of dice for 9.99

Note, the bags are not embellished with stitching, its more like an iron on. The smaller bags each hold a full set of seven dice with space for two or three more dice if necessary.

ENTOY Dnd Dice Set 5 x 7 Polyhedral Dice Sets for Dungeons and Dragons Dice Game D&D Dice For RPG MTG Table Games With Black And Golden Drawstring Dice Bag 9.99 - Prime

The Cup of Wonder is a dice cup with five sets of glitter dice.

I prefer the dice in the Cup of Wonder but I have little use of a dice cup. I think the dice with dice bags is a better value and more immediately useful.

Cup of Wonder: 5 Sets of 7 Premium Glitter Polyhedral Role Playing Gaming Dice for Tabletop RPGs with Black Bicast Leather Dice Cup by Wiz Dice - 12.99 - Prime

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  1. Thanks for the review of the Cup of Wonder dice. My wife has had her eye on them for awhile (they're on her Amazon wishlist) and her bday is coming up. Woot!

  2. Love the mimic box! But must confess I've become a dice snob; I like Game Science's as they seem more precise and 'roll true'.


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