Saturday, February 10, 2018

The "Free OSR Rulesets - Fantasy" Page is Done - For Now

I believe we have 27 systems listed so far on the Free OSR Ruleset - Fantasy Page. I'm sure I missed some. Hit me with any you think I've missed.

Next up will be the SciFi rulesets, then the "Other" category of rulesets, after that adventures and general resources.


Remember, these lists will be constantly growing. I'll try and remember to mention when something is added to them.


  1. Gabor Lux has an abridged English version of his Sword & Magic at http://fomalhaut.lfg.hu/category/english/resources/ along with a number of adventures and supplementary material.

  2. That is a fantastic resource! Love it.

  3. Only OSR games in english can be added? Or free games in other languages too?

    We have the Old Dragon in Brazilian portuguese, that is also free: http://redboxeditora.com.br/od/

    1. feel free to post links to free games in other languages - i'll add them to the list even if they have minimal comments from my end, as i can't comment on what I can't read (but the links will go up)

      reminds me Labyrinth Lord has free Italian versions for the core and aec...

    2. The Old Dragon game manual is free in .PDF for anyone that subscribe to the publisher's newsletter on the site posted in my first comment.

  4. "52 pages" graphic-based rule set, complete game rules drawing on Basic and 3.0, latest version direct link to pdf: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxxIbZkFu4wdbGtTQlNXOGtSOFk/view

  5. Nicely done Tavernmeister! A great reference for all!


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