Monday, February 5, 2018

My Goodman Games Grab Bag of Holy Sh!t Arrived Today

Holy shit! Really. I can't believe how much Goodman Games put into a $50 Grab Bag (less that 60 bucks with shipping.

20 different releases (one was doubled for a total of 21)

Overall estimated retail value? $297

Pictures speak for themselves ;)

DCC 83 Chained Coffin - Silver Cover with Wheel on back - (unknown value 25?)
DCC - Saga of the Witch Queen (1e / NTRPG 2015) (25)
DCC 83A - Almanac of the Shudder Mountains (unk value 5)
DCC 83B - The Woeful Caves Under Yander Mountain (unk value - 2 copies 2x5?)
DCC 84A - Lost Tombs of the Ancients (unk value 5?)
Goodman Games Free RPG Day 2016 (unk value 5)
DCC 67 - Sailors on the Starless Sea - Variant Cover (15)
DCC 69 - The Emerald Enchanter - Variant Cover (15)
DCC 86 - Hole in the Sky - Variant Cover (15)
DCC 91 - Journey to the Center of Aereth - Variant Cover (20)
The Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor - (20)
Points of Light (13)
Metamorphosis Alpha (10)
Doug Kovaks Sketchbook 2016 - (unk value 10?)
Classic Dungeon Art Folio: Bradley K. McDevitt (unk value 5?)
Level Up #3 - (4)
Age of Cthulhu: The Timeless Sands of India (13)
50 Fantastic Functions for the D50 (20)
Monstercology - Orcs (22)
Xcrawl Swimsuit Edition 2014 (40)


  1. They actually sold out of grab bag boxes before I even HEARD about them this year. NICE haul!

  2. I was very happy and impressed with what I got. Some of the same stuff but others varied and it came to about the same value as yours.

  3. Mine was approx 80% similar in printed materials but I got a t-shirt as well.

  4. I got a lot of 4th edition material,. Still a great bargain, but not as directly applicable to my play as yours. Nice score here!

  5. I picked up one of these during black friday a couple years ago, wasn't even half as good as yours. I wish I would have jumped on this one. Is that a Russ Nicholson variant of Starless Sea? I've been looking for one of those since it was released!

  6. Mine was so packed with good stuff it was just stupid! Maximum x-crawl hard back, metamorphosis alpha, a ton of DCC adventures, including Sailors on the Starless Sea and a purple planet adventure, a couple of art books, and a shirt to top it off. I almost felt guilty!

  7. Shirt (25 on the site)
    DCC #85: The Making of the Ghost Ring (15)
    Free RPG Day 2016 Cover D (10)
    Age of Cthulhu: Starfall On the Plateau of Leag (Kickstarter bonus ?)
    The Devil's Chapbook (10)
    PC Pearls (13)
    Book Of Treasure Maps (20)
    Saga of the Witch Queen (25)
    Fifth Edition Fantasy: The Fey Sister's Fate (10)
    Fifth Edition Fantasy: Into the Dragon's Maw (10)
    DCC #83B: The Woeful Caves Under Yander Mountain (5pp Part of a Larger ??)
    DCC #84A: Lost Tombs of the Ancients (24pp Part of a Larger ??)
    DCC #67: Sailors on the Scarless Sea (15)
    DCC: Almanac of the Shudder Mountains (12pp Part of a Larger ??)
    Classic Dungeon Crawl Art Folio (Bradley K M Dewitt (Free or 10)
    DCC #69: The Emerald Enchanter (15)
    Age of Cthulhu: The Timeless Sands of India Vol VII (13)
    50 Fantastic Functions for the D50 (20)
    Xcrawl Swimsuit Edition 2014 (40)

  8. I got one of the smaller boxes

    Age of Cthulhu: Timeless Sands of India
    Age of Cthulhu: Starfall on the Plateau Of Ling Handouts
    2016 Free RPG Day MCC/Lankhmar Cover D
    DCC #84B Purple Planet Sourcebook
    Forgotten Heroes Fury, Fist and Song
    DCC #54 Forges of the Mountain King
    Character Codex
    DCC #60 Thrones of Punjar
    DCC #53 Sellswords of Punjar

    I was quite pleased with the haul...


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