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Thursday, February 8, 2018

New Release: & Magazine #14 – Animal Companions (Free OSR PDF)

New issue of & Magazine is out: release the hounds!
This issue’s featured articles are:
  • Animal Amalgamations
  • Animal Companions …
  • Dogs of the Lakelands
Bonus articles:
  • Political Treasures in D&D
  • Ability Checks: Are You Doing It Wrong?
  • Making the ‘God Call’
and Regular Columns:
  • Town Maps: Library and Records Hall
  • Gilderlo Hippogriffs
  • Who Let The Dogs Out?
  • A Plethora of Ideas
  • New Weapons VIII – Siege Weaponry
  • Brewmaster: Extraordinary Holy Symbols
  • … plus more!
Download you copy at the and-mag Website 

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