Thursday, February 8, 2018

Its Time to Rebuild the Tavern's Lists of Links - First Up - Free OSR Games

Its been years since these lists of Free OSR Goodness went live, and even though I've added to them on occasion, I've noticed there are omissions (Swords & Wizardry Light anyone?) as well as dead links.

Its time to rebuild them.

First list to get attention will be the Free OSR Games. If you know of Free OSR Rulesets that aren't listed to the left, please link them in the comments below. I know there are some dead ones (some of the Swords & Wizardry links are dead - I need to find updated lists)

I'll work on the Games list through Saturday, then I'll post the updated list. Then we'll move on to Free OSR Adventures. Woot!

Thanks in advance for the assist :)


  1. will be updating my rules throughout this year
    dont know if this counts but some do use my ruleset and lots of free books here

  2. I have a bunch of free adventures also we gittg figure out a way to get this page Mobile friendly

    1. i killed the mobile version as some folks said they were having pop ups not linked to the site

  3. Wow. So much you don't have. I'll try to compile as much as I can and send you a list.

    1. Here's a bunch. I'm sure I can find more if you like:

      Delving Deeper:
      Full Metal Plate Mail:
      Iron Falcon:
      Microlite 74:
      Arcana Rising:
      Exemplars & Eidolons:
      Hulks & Horrors:
      Saga of the Splintered Realm:
      Fantastic Heroes & Witchery:
      For Gold & Glory:
      Flying Swordsmen:
      7 different Wizardawn games:
      Stars Without Number (original):
      Stars Without Number (revised):

    2. Oh no! It seems my huge list of free OSR RPGs didn't go through. I'll send it through G+ after I recompile it.

  4. Crimson Dragon Slayer 1.11 is a free OSR PDF. can't link because I'm on my phone (still on vacation).

  5. There is a free version of Stars Without Numbers.


  6. Free PDFs for "Ghastly Affair" (OSR Gothic Romance and Romantic Horror) are available on my blog:
    The game is intended to emulate everything from "Frankenstein" to "Wuthering Heights". It's set by default in Europe between the years 1765 and 1820, but can be easily adapted to other times.

  7. White Star and the White Star Companion.

  8. Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells is Pay What You Want

    and so is the addendum.

    Now it's not a retroclone, but the main rulebook is 50 pages. The addendum is 90 pages. But there are some cool ideas in it.

    Dungeonslayers lets you download the rules and adventures

    Mazes & Minotaurs is also free

  9. Cepheus Engine, Maze Rats, Godbound and Stars Without Number. Martin Ralya made a lis of his favorite free and PWYW on drivethrough. It's not all OSR, but that still could be helpful :

  10. My OSR super-light system is still in development, layout and official release later this year, but very usable now:

    Stone Halls & Serpent Men

  11. The Majestic Fantasy Basic Rules

    1. It builds on top of Swords and Wizardry Core Rules

  12. Here are several rule sets and variations I did inspired by SWL and SWCL:

    Star Lite

    Swords & Shapeshifters

    Fiends & Falchions:

    Gene Wars:

  13. All of Randall Stukey's Microlite 74,75,78, and 81 games are free over

  14. Just one more! Fantastic Heroes & Witchery is freely downloadable at

  15. There's a bunch of free games over at the Wizardawn site.



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