Friday, February 9, 2018

Its Time to Kill the Free OSR Lists - and Create Some Free OSR "Pages"

The feedback on yesterday's post seeking help in updating The Tavern's resource lists has shown me that simply revising the lists isn't feasible - there is simply too much stuff to list.

My thought is to use buttons and pages in Blogger. Pages have the advantage that they can be continually updated, descriptions can be added to each item listed and linked folks can comment on them - simply put, its much better ;)

Place holders so far for the pages.

I'll start building the pages this weekend.

Let me know if anything is missing. Oh, and yes, anything that doesn't fall under fantasy falls under scifi :)


  1. Personally I would add a superhero category. Between TSRs old Marvel system and the large number of D6 and D20 variants now available, I feel like superhero as a genre deserves it own page.

  2. I feel like WWII genre RPGs based on OSR rules sets deserve their own page. ;)

  3. I put links to a bunch of the SRD's on my page. That might be a similarly useful section for you. https://miscminis.blogspot.com/p/free-rules.html

  4. So… would science fantasy (or steampunk fantasy) fall under sci-fi or fantasy? Just asking… for a friend (yeah, that's the ticket).

  5. Great idea! I'd recommend fantasy, scifi, and other. Or lump all free RPGs into its own singular category.


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