Monday, January 29, 2018

To Ken Whitman - I'll Give You the Opportunity to Tell Your Side


You claim all that is said about you is "all hearsay and tall tells until one hears both sides."

I'll give you the opportunity to tell your side, unedited and without commentary from me aside from "The following post is by Ken Whitman, telling his side of the story":

I offer you a greater reach on social media than you've ever had before to tell your side of things.

No gimmicks. No tricks. Your story from your point of view. For all the world to read. That IS what you want, right Ken? To explain yourself, your actions, your decisions. To make the community understand.

Well, here's your chance.

You know how to contact me.

Step up or shut up. It really is that simple.



  1. I want to reserve two tickets please.

  2. The ironic thing is that his response could be something as simple as creating a new blog on blogger or the social media site of choice with no comments allowed and sending Erik the link.

    This should be interesting.

  3. I am not for sure I want to be interviewed by the Rush Limbaugh of the RPG community. You have called me scum and several other 4 letter words. So... with you, No.

    1. I can happily provide a neutral blog on which you can make such a post...

    2. Did you read the post? He didn't say interview. He said, write your tale and he would post it.

    3. Read what Erik wrote again. You write what you want he posts it. It’s not an interview. As much as you’d like to slight Erik he is giving you the ability to say what you want. If you don’t do this (you should be doing it on the many kickstarters you have) it’s obvious that you simply don’t care, which of course would not be surprising. It seems strange you wouldn’t want to tell your side of the story, especially since you feel like you are being misrepresented everywhere. Here’s your chance, which you could have done at any point without Erik’s opportunity I might add. If I knew that over 40,000 people (and climbing) had watched a damning video about me cursing my name I would try to tell my side.

    4. Reading comprehension hard? Can't figure out how to post a full detailed response as to why you are being hounded, persecuted, and chased out of town? Is it that difficult to string a handful of posts and Erik Tenkar posts the full detail unedited. Hell you can put it on your facebook page too just to prove there are no discrepancies.

      Or is the truth that hard to write out and admitting that everything you've done make you Liable for damages?

    5. Goddamn it! Give man some time to get his lies straight. It's sad seeing someone with so much promise turn to shit

    6. Its your side of the story Ken.

      No interview.

      No questions.

      No edits.

      No commentary from me.

      All you.

      That is what you want, right? A chance to tell the community your side of things. Set the story straight. Combat the narrative that is against you.

      I offer you the soapbox that will reach more than you could ever reach otherwise.

      There's no trick here.

      Its simply what is says on the tin.

      I'm offering what you've been asking for. A chance to rebut.

      If that opportunity scares you I can't help with that.

    7. I'm dead serious about my offer... I have a blog (I'm not going to post a direct link here because I don't want to shill it, but you know where to find me) where I can provide you the same option presented here but with a completely neutral and impartial environment. You say what you want, how you want to say it, and it will be posted verbatim without any further comment or editing. No interview, no comments, nothing; just you.

      I'm not here to attack you or defend you, but you have to admit that one side of this situation that has been far more vocal than the other. It's time for you to say your part of the story, however you want to say it.

    8. I will Work with David Flor an a story. I would rather give David 50k hits.

    9. Any guesses how long it will take before Ken claims that Dave edited his stuff because he realizes his lies are on full display?

    10. It called create account with Blogger. Just make one post send the link.

    11. Taking bets on when this story will ever get written and published..

    12. Blogs, YouTube, the internet is rotten with free platforms to tell your story. He is only interested in pretending he has a story to tell.

    13. Uh Mr. Whitman, FYI the views of this video have almost hit 70k so I was wondering where your side of the story is? Seems like you’d want to get it out there as soon as possible. Maybe I’m wrong but sooner the better is my opinion when it comes to thousands of people getting the wrong impression of you. Might want to fix that. I look forward to your side of the story, thank you and good luck on you clearing your name!

    14. Also being compared to Rush Limbaugh is a huge honor for Erik btw.

  4. Note to self: stop by the store on the way home to pick up some pop corn. Doubt I'll be popping it for this, but just in case he DOES take Tenkar up on his offer...

  5. I’d like to hear your side of the story Ken. If not here then anywhere on the Internet would be ok too. Facebook, youtube, you name it.

  6. I’m thinking that he doesn’t want to put it on The tavern.

    I can give Ken a place to share his story on Tribality.com
    Or maybe Ken could just put it on Reddit???

  7. He needs a venue to post his story where he can delete it within 4 hours and nothing he wrote can be copied/saved.

  8. It's not Erik, he'll find something wrong with any venue he is offered. So long as he never tells "his side of the story" he can keep pretending there is another side to things.

  9. The Bernie Madoff of the gaming world just called Tenkar Rush Limbaugh! Comedy gold there! 😂

  10. Amazing that he replied. Quite surprising, actually.

  11. Sad thing is he is playing the victim without bothering to acknowledge the people he swindled. This "interview" will just be another delay tactic.


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