Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Return of Minsc and Boo - in comic format at least...

Looks like Minsc and Boo are returning. No, not in computer games but comic book form. Baldur's Gate will feature in the new Dungeons & Dragons comic book series from IDW.
Each issue in the series focuses on an individual hero from Baldur’s Gate, including fan favorites Minsc and his miniature giant space hamster Boo. Krydle and Shandie, Delina, and Nerys Kathon will also see the spotlight.
You can read more about it at ICv2

As for me, I head out to Day One of Jury Duty shortly...


  1. This isn't the first IDW comic with Minsc and Boo, though. He was one of the protagonists in their Legends of Baldur's Gate (2014-15), Shadow of the Vampire (2016), and Frost Giant's Fury (2017) series.

  2. All of them excellent. Love Jim Zub’s writing with the Diaz art.

  3. How is Minsc alive in 1490? Genuinely curious....

    1. Never really explained, but it seems his statue in Baldur's Gate was actually him and Boo petrified, and was accidentally released by a wild mage.

    2. Ah....well that sort of does explain it....!

    3. Boo is a space demon. Thats how he is able to travel and also why is memory is so fuzzy.

  4. Hmmmm second comment: just noticed the last two graphic novels tied in to the module releases. So is this one possibly hinting that Baldur's Gate will be the center of attention in the next module?

  5. Five comments already and no one has quoted "Go for the eyes!" yet? For shame!


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