Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Kickstarter - The Midderlands Expanded - An OSR Setting Expansion (Swords & Wizardry)

+MonkeyBlood Design (Glynn Seal) has a new Kickstarter to follow his amazing Midderlands setting - its The Midderlands Expanded - An OSR Setting Expansion. I'm not going to wax poetically on how awesome The Midderlands is from physical presentation to the content and the art. Instead, I'll quote +Matt Finch :
“[The Midderlands] as a small area campaign supplement is the best I’ve ever seen, displacing Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor First Fantasy Campaign area, which up until now -- and that’s decades -- has been my favorite one.” - Matt Finch (Creator of Swords & Wizardry).
Yeah, its "that good."

But if you have The Midderlands, what does the Expansion add?
Firstly, and most-importantly - This is not a revised version, this is EVEN MORE content and game-juice. 
The Midderlands setting gets bigger, expanding out into Havenland (the country that The Midderlands is set in) and its bordering lands, in a dark, twisted, and viridian version of the British Isles. 
If you want to know a bit more about the original 'The Midderlands' setting book, then check out the original Kickstarter for more information, or watch my interview with the creator of Swords & Wizardry, Matt Finch. 
What is going to be in the new 'The Midderlands Expanded' book? 
  • 50+ pages of content previously released in The Midderlands Additions, and The Midderlands Additions II, but as part of a glorious, high specification, hardback format.
  • Approx. 170 pages of new, previously unseen content.
  • More awesome artwork.
  • More locations.
  • More items.
  • More spells.
  • More flora and fauna.
  • More monsters.
  • More classes.
  • More adventure hooks.
  • More adventure.
  • More discovery.
  • More green-hued, dark-fantasy weirdness.
Yep. There's lots more of the good stuff.

Then there's the list of those involved. In addition to Glynn, you have: Edwin Nagy (Writing), Mark Nolan (Writing), Jim Magnusson (Artwork), Juan Ochoa (Artwork), Steve Punter (Artwork) and Matthew Pook (Editing).

Some of these names should be very familiar to old School Gamers.

Yeah, I'm in and happily so.

25 days left to fund as I type this.


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