Saturday, February 3, 2018

Kickstarter -The Exfiltrators (an RPG adventure module OSR)

I'm a big fan of adventure modules. I rarely run any by the book, but either with tweaks (or as a source to mine for encounters and ideas) they are part of my DM'ing bag of tricks.

I'm not a huge follower of individual authors, not because I'm not a fan of individual authors but because I am, quite simply, horrible with names. So I'm pretty impressed with myself. When I saw Lance Hawvermale's name attached to The Exfiltrators Kickstarter, it took me but a minute to remember where I saw the name prior: Necromancer Games' Bone Garden (among other releases, but that is the one that struck me in the head)

What I like about The Exfiltrators is that it is essentially done:
The writing, interior art, and layout are 100% complete. All that remains is to add the maps to the back of the book, commission the cover art, and package the book as a print-ready PDF.
Want confidence that a project will complete and release? The above is just that.

So, what is the adventure itself about?
The Exfiltrators is a 36-page prison-break scenario in which the player characters enter an infamous tower of incarceration (either as unwilling inmates or as willing spies) and extract an innocent prisoner.  But just who is innocent and who is guilty?  Inside Velgate prison, no one can be sure. 
  • The narrative is non-linear; the PCs have complete freedom in the direction of their investigation.
  • The plot contains puzzles to solve and NPCs to be persuaded, in addition to the usual challenges of sinew and might.
  • At the gamemaster's option, the story can extend into the Outer Planes and transport the PCs to an off-world adventure.
The Exfiltrators is an adventure module for experienced gamemasters.
A thinking player's (and GM's) adventure. I'm looking forward to this.

The PDF is 7 bucks. Print is 19 for the US / UK, 21 elsewhere in the world. That includes shipping.

Very reasonable prices.

Oh, sample of the Stat Block:

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