Sunday, November 5, 2017

GameHole Con - A Jolly Ole Time

It felt good getting my picture with +Jolly Blackburn today, something I had meant to do since Friday when he stopped by the Frog God Booth. Huzzah!

Business was good this weekend and it literally thrilled me to no end to hear stories from folks that had been introduced to Old School Gaming with the release of Swords & Wizardry Light at last year's Gamehole as they stopped by the booth at this year's Gamehole.

Alex Kammer runs a really organized and fun convention. Slowly but surely we are adding to the Erik & Rach convention schedule. Today mars out 6th wedding anniversary and we couldn't be spending it in a better place with nice people. It has truly been an awesome weekend.

Thanks to all that stopped by to say hello.

More posts to come about GameHole when I return home.

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