Monday, November 6, 2017

Empyrea Project Funded and Waiting to Move Forward

Its been a busy weekend but I wanted to make sure I shared the above before heading to NYC later today (we don't arrive in NYC until nearly midnight)

Looks like the Empyrea Project is funded and ready to go.

I'm unsure who or what entity is empowered or authorized to conduct investigations in the gaming industry but I'm glad to see the project is ready to move forward without crowdfunding.

Tomorrow I  should be back with The Tavern's normal posting frequency ;)


  1. Frank's stance is to support and invite investigation but leave the issue in the accuser's court. It's be a civil case, I assume, as I don't think he breached criminal law with his posts or later behavior.

    1. Meant to post "It'd" as it is a hypothetical unlikely to happen.

  2. Glad he came up with the $250k needed in such short time.

  3. I assumed any investigation would be directed towards the financial state of this project, and nothing to do with a certain segment of gamers believing Frank is a "creeper."

    1. If the project is "funded and debt-free" (as Mr. Mentzer states above), why would there need to be a "resolution" or "investigation" regarding its financial state?

      It's pretty clear to me that he IS referring to the allegations of inappropriate behavior on his part. For one thing, at least one key member of his team quit over these allegations, which is a good reason why the project might not be "viable".


    2. Nobody ever heard of Ted Fauster before this KS thing got started. Lets be real...

    3. Speaking of "being real", what was the last RPG product that Mr. Mentzer authored? Cyborg Commando? This guy has been running on the fumes of his 1980's work for years now. Nothing could be greater proof of this than the comical garbage fire of a Kickstarter he ran.

  4. Taking the above at face value:

    10/04/17 Mr. Mentzer needed $250,000 in crowdfunding.

    11/04/17 Mr. Mentzer needs $0 in crowdfunding.


  5. I couldn't care less (for the purposes of gaming) about Mentzer's private emails, nor do I have any knowledge of the financial question. But - and with respect to the principals, so many of whom did great work on D&D and AD&D - I can't imagine anything being less appealing than a product put together by a "team" of 30+ people, pretty much all of whom are only really known for stuff they did 30 years ago.

    Virtually every important and/or worthwhile product I can think of, from 1974 through the 2017 OSR was primarily written by a very small number of people, often two or even just one. And in most cases, that product was done early on in the "careers" of those people.

    For all I know, Empyrea might end up being the most fantastic thing in the world. I'm simply reporting on how the concept appears to me.

  6. Hey Tenkar,

    Would it be possible for you to put together a summary post of what investigation they're referring to? I know that Empyrea has a Kickstarter that was cancelled, and that there was drama with Mr. Mentzer on Dragonsfoot, but I'm afraid I'm completely out of the loop as to what happened since then.


  7. Before any of the accusations started flying, this looked a no-go project to me. I'm still dubious. All that the allegations showed me is that I personally don't want to know Frank or the woman who screen grabbed all of their interactions and waited until the project was active to make her stand.
    If it releases, I'll look at, but I'm really dubious about it and glad I did't back it.

    1. Yeah, exactly. I'll be glad to purchase a hardcopy at my FLGS, but it doesn't seem like that will ever be a realistic option at this point.

  8. I already said elsewhere on the Tavern how this whole project was bad. Frank now somehow have all the money he asked for, without the crowdfunding? It's ridiculous. Plus, he tells that in an aswer on his personal Facebook page, not on Empyrea website not on the KS page that was kept open as an information channel. Super professional, no doubt.

    I also think he blows the whole Jessica Price affair out of proportion. What is it really about? She said on twitter that he was a creep. Also, that he made vague professinal threats to her (like Frank never did that on other occasions...) She described some exchanges they had on Facebook, shared some screenshot, and said he is a "creepy-ass gamer dude" and that he made "thin-veiled professional threats".

    Now Frank want a "full investigation" on that? How old is he, 12? "A woman said I was a creep on the internet, but I'm not! Police, police, please investigate this very important and urgent matter!" Even if you don't see the creepiness in the screenshot and don't believe a single thing Jessica Price described on twitter, you can still see how he's overreacting. (For the record, I do see the creepiness and believe her.)

    He's a fucking joke.

  9. WE do not know the details on how the "fully funded" Empyrea differs (if at all) from the Kickstarter project.

    Some of us do know that the reboot of the Kickstarter was going to be around $94,000 and not the original 240K. We do know that the original kickstarter had raised about $65k, so the reboot would have most likely been successful.

    Perhaps it is fully funded without have 10 system source books? I could see D&D BEMI, D&D 5E and perhaps Savage Worlds. To begin with and maybe adding other systems later down the road.

  10. Whether the project "really" needed $240k or $94k or $65k (and with all the apparent whoppers this guy has told lately, who the hell knows what the truth is) the fact is that it collected $0k. How, then, can the project be "fully funded"?

    The idea that he was asking for $240k (initially) JUST FOR system source books sounds completely ludicrous to me. And even if that is correct, then the original KS pitch certainly didn't make that clear - at all.

  11. Its just very sad that EOTB started all this. Well good for him. Prior to a few months ago, nobody on the planet knew who he was. Now everyone with an internet connection who wants to know that he is "the troll that made Frank Menzter sad".

    Cool. Now you're internet famous to like 15 nerds.


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