Thursday, November 9, 2017

GameHole Con 2017 Photo Dump

Yes, I spent most of my time in the vendor's hall. Hey, its where all the cool kids were ;)

Sharing with minimal comments...

Convinced Rach I need a 3d printer for Christmas...

Still trying to convince Rach we NEED The Well for our new shower curtain, lace be damned!

Laughter is awesome!

Venger & I

Jolly & I

Rach bought a dice cup and some coasters

AS&SH arrived today. My weekend is shot

Swords & Wizardry sold well


  1. I've been attending Gamehole since the first year. It was great to meet you. My students were totally blown away with their new quick start Lite rules for S&W when we met to game this week. Thank you and Frog God Games.

  2. It was pretty cool looking through the S&W book and seeing our names from the 'aughts there still in the credits.

  3. Incidentally you can just see the hand of my paladin illo over Jeff Talanian's shoulder at the AS&SH booth. It was great to see you again Eric, look forward to Garycon, it was good to get a look at the new bunnies and burrows, and continual light!

  4. Great photos, E! It's cool seeing RPG people I hope to eventually meet. :D

  5. Larry Elmore was there? Cool! I've never met him but have procured a few signed prints from his website.


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