Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cyber Monday at the DMs Guild - AC4 The Book of Marvelous Magic (BECMI) 99 cents and Tome of Magic (2e) $1.99 - More...

There's a bunch of sales to highlight - I may miss some and if I do, please let me know:

Through tomorrow: AC4 - The Book of Marvelous Magic is on sale for 99 cents in PDF and The Tome of Magic for 2e is on sale for $1.99 in PDF. Oh, and there is some 3.5 release for Eberron also on sale.

The storewide OBS sale where the majority of releases are marked down by 17% also ends tomorrow.

For those into The New World of Darkness, there is also a bundle with a very decent markdown.

Zweihander is currently $2.99 in PDF. (49.99 in print)

A fan of Matt Forbeck or Margaret Weiss? Drive Thru Fiction has some bundles for Cyber Monday.

Now through Friday December 1st all Inkwell Ideas Card Decks & Dice are 25% off in our (Inkwell) store. Whether you've got your eye on our NPC Decks, Creature Decks (5e Stats or System Neutral or Fate), Dungeonmorph Dice & Cards, or Sidequest Decks, they're all 25% off.  Just use the code "cyber-monday" as you check out.

FROG GOD BLACK FRIDAY - 30% off EVERYTHING*, 40% off all Pathfinder*
* except the Blight, sorry

Here is to hoping you are having the Blackest of Black Fridays. To celebrate this macabre sounding shopping gala Frog God Games has 2 coupons (must be used on separate transactions) valid through Monday at midnight). Everything we sell is 30% off (except the Blight) using coupon code-


Pathfinder fans get an even bigger bonus with all Pathfinder products (except the Blight).


Coupons cannot be combined but multiple transactions are encouraged.

We started Black Friday on Tuesday this year, but our sale is still going strong! Everything in our store is 40% off if you use the coupon code blackfriday2017. This applies to EVERYTHING. Print and PDF books alike, dice and accessories, all items in the Goodman Games Online Store are on sale!

While this sale runs through Cyber Monday (November 27th), do not hesitate! This has been a hugely popular sale and we don’t want you to miss out on some of your favorite items!

There are some affiliate links above to OneBookShelf storefronts. Others do not do affiliate sales but do give them your business as they are great companies that strongly support the hobby and the gaming community.


  1. Marvelous Magic was such a funny terrible yet sometimes useful book that at 99 cents it was a no-brainer.

  2. I loved The Book of Marvelous Magic when it came out.


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