Sunday, November 26, 2017

Its Been Two Years Since I Focused on the Gygax Memorial Funded - Oh, and the Death Knell of Gygax Magazine is Two Years Ago Too

Hard to believe its been two years (and a day) since I kicked the hornets nest known as the Gygax Memorial Fund.

Now, what did we accomplish?

  • Posting of missing tax returns
  • Promise of an audit (posting since deleted)
  • Threat of legal action for saying something I never said
  • Accused of harassing sweet little old lady over the mismanagement of nearly $250k of publicly donated money
  • Pissed off the youngest child of said sweet old lady

No memorial. No bricks sold. Heck, Gail hasn't even presented in front of the Lake Geneva City Council or any of its sub boards in over 2 years (I know - I've checked the records) - last we heard the two sides were still in disagreement over the location of the monument.

Then there is the demise of Gygax Magazine due to legal actions taken by Gail Gygax / The Gary Gygax Irrevocable Trust. Two years and a day or two more ago.

Next book to be published by the Gygax Trust - How to Make Friends & Influence Others Through Threats of Legal Action. Wait, that would be the first book published by the Trust...


  1. $250 thousand dollars of FAN donated money and . . . nothing.

    The arrogance of this woman is appalling. A "Trust" managed by an untrustworthy person. I'm sorry, but a spade is a . . . spade.


    1. "The arrogance of this woman is appalling."

      Dude. Her husband died.

    2. Yeah, and pretty shortly after she began aggressively litigating to wrest commercial control of his name from his own children. All the while using that name to take in thousands of dollars from his fans for a monument she isn't taking a single action to make a reality.

  2. Don't forget her yanking the rights to the Castle Zagyg project away from the Troll Lords. Another love-missive to the fans of her late husband's work.

    1. Yes, *THIS*. I didn't hear about the project at the time and now it would take hundreds of dollars to get my grimey paws on one of the few surviving copies of the books floating around.

      And of course none of us got the opportunity to get our hands on the dozen other manuscripts EGG completed for the project and turned over to Troll Lord but that hadn't been sent to print yet.

      But what really drives me nuts about it is that she only denied herself the income and squandered an opportunity to both revive Gary's profile in the industry and create an associated IP to license(as many people have pointed out in past posts, most of the intellectual material Gary created ended up in possession of TSR-->Wizards-->Hasbro).

    2. Seems like more than one person have the name Gygax, can't understand how she could say she owns it?

  3. And why? Why not allow these projects? Let's be honest. Things like the Gygax Magazine will be no longer wanted in another Generation. Why not have it while there are those that will buy it still around?

  4. I'm just glad I never trusted Gail enough to donate any money.

  5. We didn't know, 7 years ago, that this was going to be a boon-doggle, but it sure has. I don't regret the sentiment of donating the money, but I'm pretty sad and disappointed in what's happened since.


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