Thursday, September 7, 2017

State of The Tavern - 9/7/17 - Amazingly Organized Discord and Rewards for What You Already Do

So, last night was a Wednesday Night and that meant the weekly Tavern Chat. Holy shit! At one point we had 18 people in voice chat alone and it was an amazing example of organized chaos. We have hit attendance heights. Switching to Discord was obviously the right choice. I will try to add a second Tavern Chat to the weekly schedule relatively soon.

The Tavern's Patreon is being revamped to offer more content to The Tavern's readers (monsters and magic) but it occurred to me that Patreon is NOT the only way to support the The Tavern. Many folks do so using The Tavern's affiliate links for RPGNow and Amazon. How do we get them into the additional content mix?

The Tavern has made nearly $85 in affiliate monies from RPGNow / OBS this month so far. If we hit $200 for the month (any month going forward), I'll write a SWL / SWCL adventure on par with Beneath the Battered Dwarf Tavern (small adventure). If we hit $300 for the month I'll either write 2 smaller adventures or one larger adventure. If we hit $400 for the month of September, I'll write 3 smaller adventures or one adventure of at least 20 rooms. Adventures will be posted here at The Tavern and may appear later for sale on RPGNow or in Torchlight Magazine.

As for Amazon (link is on the left side of this page) if we hit $100 for the month I'll write up an NPC for SWL / SWCL. One additional NPC written up for each additional $50. Again, content will be posted to The Tavern but may appear elsewhere later.

Content will be posted in the following month.

Thank you all in advance. I'm also thinking of overall funding goals, where Patreon, Affiliate monies, Adsense and Paypal subs get added up for additional goals, but that's beyond the scope of this post.

Seriously, I appreciate the support from the community. Without all of you there would be little point in me doing what I do...


  1. Glad to offer my support! Wish I could be part of the Wednesday night chats, but that does not often work out for me. Keep up the awesome work and Discord is a great addition in my book.

  2. Erik's does a very good Irish female accent par excellence. It's uncanny. From New York accent to being transported to the Emerald Isles.


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