Friday, September 8, 2017

Goodman Games - DCC RPG Hurricane Harvey Relief Bundle - 3 Adventures - 9.99 - All Proceeds Donated

Goodman Games has launched the DCC RPG Hurricane Harvey Relief Bundle with all proceeds donated to the American Red Cross to aid Hurricane Harvey victims.

The adventures included in the PDF Bundle are:

Sailors on the Starless Sea, The Sea Queen Escapes and Journey to the Center of Aereth
This special bundle is to benefit victims of Hurricane Harvey. All proceeds will go to benefit the American Red Cross for Harvey recovery. The bundle is specially priced to contain three popular adventures at a discount of more than 70% off regular price! And all three modules have water encounters - exactly what your DCC RPG characters will want while Harvey is on their mind.
The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Charity Donation Bundle ($400+ in gaming PDF for $25) is still live as I write this. Remember, purchases made via The Tavern's affiliate link help to support The Tavern. At times like this, monies raised go right back into the donation pile.

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