Monday, September 4, 2017

This Week will Kick Off the new Midweek Monster Mayhem Series of Posts

Theodor Kittelsen, Public Domain

This week The Tavern will be launching a new regular feature - Midweek Monster Mayhem. Similar in a way to the just launched Weekend Wonders (which covers magic, spells and magic items) Midweek Monster Mayhem will see a new monster for Swords & Wizardry in Light and / or Complete formats. I'll be adjusting The Tavern's Patreon later this week to reflect these changes. All Patreon backers will get these monsters compiled in PDF format and emailed to them in the following month of their release. Print copies will go out quarterly to those that back at $10 or more.

If we get enough overall backing, we may see two Weekend Wonder releases and Two Midweek Monster Mayhem releases on a weekly basis. Then there is that online OSR Con that has been talked about. All hail The Tavern's Discord Server :)


  1. You are welcome to take any from my Monster Monday blogs and use them if you get low :)

  2. I very well may ;)

    Rach wants me to work so I either create more or pick up part time square badge (security) work - I'll create thank you very much ;P

  3. And you used an illustration from the person that is most famous in Norway for his pictures of things that go bump in the night :)
    He has some amazing stuff illustrating the old Norwegian fairy tales


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